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Redhawk may refer to:
Ruger Redhawk, a large frame revolver
Ruger Super Redhawk, a line of double action magnum revolvers

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  1. T

    Ideas on grips for ruger super redhawk

    I just bought a 454 casull in a ruger super redhawk. I really don't like the black houge grip it comes with. Any recommendations would be helpful. Im currently looking at eagle grips
  2. EasEWryder

    Ruger Redhawk fans?

    This one is special to me and I just finished mounting the sight, but while the Hogue grips are nice, and do fit my hands, but while searching for aomething else, it seems there aren't much in the way of grip selection for Redhawks. I was thinking Badger, but after seeing a set on a friends that...
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