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  1. Roymil666

    Old Military Memorabilia

    So I bought a house with a garage full of junk but there is some cool stuff. There are a few file cabinets full of old military manuals, pictures/posters and magazines. Black military dress boots (several pairs and sizes). Not too sure what any of it is worth but I'd like to get something out...
  2. T

    Bunch of Historical Weapons

    Have for sale the following historical weapons: -150lb crossbow kits (oodles of them, dozens, new or used, in box or fully assembled, take your pick). These are not toys, 225FPS off the bar. Crossbows have no recoil, all the energy is going away from you, great Christmas gift for family target...
  3. U

    Fascinating historical account of early NATO rifle development

    Very engrossing video to view. Watch whether you are a fan of either the FAL, or the M14:
  4. mrblond

    Do you own anything historical ?

    I will start. I own two bows made by my Great grandfather Ruben Sanders. I doubt anyone these days know who he was, but a hundred years ago they called him the Wests Jim Thorp. He is in the Oregon State hall of fame as well as the Native American Hall of fame. I also have a pouch which my...
  5. R

    HI I like big boom stik I buy big boom stik I join forum for big boom stik

    I'm not a moron, I promise. But I do love a good "boom stick!" Whether it be a shotgun (want to collect those), a rifle (want to know how to use those) or a pistol (want to carry one of those), boom sticks, as I affectionately call them, have been a part of my life since I knew they existed...
  6. O

    Firearms History website

    I just found a neat website, and after searching here for it, it may be new to others too: