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  1. U

    Fascinating historical account of early NATO rifle development

    Very engrossing video to view. Watch whether you are a fan of either the FAL, or the M14:
  2. mrblond

    Do you own anything historical ?

    I will start. I own two bows made by my Great grandfather Ruben Sanders. I doubt anyone these days know who he was, but a hundred years ago they called him the Wests Jim Thorp. He is in the Oregon State hall of fame as well as the Native American Hall of fame. I also have a pouch which my...
  3. R

    HI I like big boom stik I buy big boom stik I join forum for big boom stik

    I'm not a moron, I promise. But I do love a good "boom stick!" Whether it be a shotgun (want to collect those), a rifle (want to know how to use those) or a pistol (want to carry one of those), boom sticks, as I affectionately call them, have been a part of my life since I knew they existed...
  4. O

    Firearms History website

    I just found a neat website, and after searching here for it, it may be new to others too: http://www.historicalfirearms.info/
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