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  1. K

    How much is a WW II Japanese rifle with bayonet worth?

    I just heard about this forum today from a local gun dealer. He suggested I post this question here. I also have my dad's WW II memorabilia that I'd like to sell (Nazi helmet, some flags, propaganda books, medals, etc.
  2. R

    HI I like big boom stik I buy big boom stik I join forum for big boom stik

    I'm not a moron, I promise. But I do love a good "boom stick!" Whether it be a shotgun (want to collect those), a rifle (want to know how to use those) or a pistol (want to carry one of those), boom sticks, as I affectionately call them, have been a part of my life since I knew they existed...
  3. Hedrin

    Japanese Nambu Showa 18.12 (1943) Model 14

    Was looking through a bunch of really old stuff in storage, and I couldn't believe I came across a gun I totally forgot I had purchased. It would have been the mid 90's and I found it dirt cheap in an antique store on the Oregon Coast. If I am identifying it correctly, it looks like a Japanese...
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