A felony is traditionally considered a crime of high seriousness, whereas a misdemeanor is regarded as less serious. The term "felony" originated from English common law (from the French medieval word "félonie") to describe an offense that resulted in the confiscation of a convicted person's land and goods, to which additional punishments including capital punishment could be added; other crimes were called misdemeanors. Following conviction of a felony in a court of law, a person may be described as a felon or a convicted felon.
Some common law countries and jurisdictions no longer classify crimes as felonies or misdemeanors and instead use other distinctions, such as by classifying serious crimes as indictable offences and less serious crimes as summary offences.
In the United States, where the felony/misdemeanor distinction is still widely applied, the federal government defines a felony as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. If punishable by exactly one year or less, it is classified as a misdemeanor. The classification is based upon a crime's potential sentence, so a crime remains classified as a felony even if a defendant convicted of a felony receives a sentence of one year or less. Individual states may classify crimes by other factors, such as seriousness or context.
In some civil law jurisdictions, such as Italy and Spain, the term delict is used to describe serious offenses, a category similar to common law felony. In other nations, such as Germany, France, Belgium, and Switzerland, more serious offenses are described as crimes, while misdemeanors or delicts (or délits) are less serious. In still others (such as Brazil and Portugal), crimes and delicts are synonymous (more serious) and are opposed to contraventions (less serious).

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  1. G

    Oregon  restoration of firearm rights. Felon in Possession of Certain Weapons

    I am not looking for legal advice. Just a conversation and opinions or experiences about the law. Does anyone know any who has been convicted of only ONE(1) non violent felony getting their rights restored in Oregon? I am about to hire an attorney to try to do this. I was convicted of Felony...
  2. User 1234

    Other State  Felon leaves loaded gun unsecure; 4yo shoots himself

    His toddler shot himself in the head. Now this inmate pleads for Gov. Newsom's help
  3. ATCclears

    Spokane, WA - Police raid felon’s hotel room, catch him painting shotgun to look like a toy

    Police raid felon’s hotel room, catch him painting shotgun to look like a toy
  4. OldTengu

    Oregon  Felon in possession of firearm has cases dropped

    Portland cop watcher’s federal sentence dismissed, others likely to follow as result of 9th Circuit ruling But legal gun owners get punished. Go Oregon and 9th circuit. Yeeeesh
  5. E

    Other State  Kansas: Veteran charged as Felon over state ruling against NFA ruling.

    Gun Owners of America Funds Challenge to National Firearms Act in U.S. Supreme Court | GOA News - Published Jan 15 2019 https://gunowners.org/images/Kettler-Petition-for-Certiorari.pdf - GOA's petition to the SCOTUS https://gunowners.org/images//Kettler-Appendix-Final.pdf From the article...
  6. Joe Link

    National  Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm

    Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm
  7. Joe Link

    Other State  ‘I can’t be a felon’: Gun owners sue California over faulty weapon registration system

    ‘I can’t be a felon’: Gun owners sue California over faulty weapon registration system
  8. slimmer13

    Other State  CA felon busted with 553 guns

    If only they just had one more law, this could have been prevented.:confused: More than 500 guns seized from Southern California homes
  9. solv3nt

    Other State  Hawaii Felon Arrested with Firearm

    http://bigislandnow.com/2018/06/13/woman-arrested-for-firearms-drug-possession/ I'm glad that the ridiculous Hawaii gun laws prevented felons from owning guns... Oh wait, felons don't follow the law. Who would have thought?
  10. S

    Holding guns for felon should I return them

    So because I am a law abiding citizen a couple Ar's were brought to me to hold on to while the owner was In jail, well he's 72,& ended up becoming a felon & gets ahold of me the other day wanting them back,so my question Is should I give them to him & can I get in trouble
  11. U

    National  Convicted Felon sits on his illegal handgun, and accidentaly blows his .... off

    A convicted felon living in Jacksonville, FL sat on his illegally owned handgun, which was laying on the driver's seat of his car. Unfortunately for him, the gun discharged, shooting his penis. The wounded man was rushed to the hospital, where doctors worked on reconstructing his penis. So...
  12. RicInOR

    Felon - Possess Ammo?

    Can a convicted felon possess ammo? The crime was paid for 20 years ago - so no longer under control of the state.
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