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  1. Tarawa86

    Steelhead caught today

    Bought from the tribes at Cascade Locks on the way back from the Tri Cities. Sorry, couldn't resist :p
  2. T

    any updates on the winter steelhead run around Portland?

    Any luck on the rivers as of yet? thanks
  3. akmewon

    winter steelhead

    Fun times!
  4. snarlingdog

    Steelhead on the Wilson

    I was having no luck on the bank this year so took a guide on the Wilson and the boat limited out by 3pm. Great day lots of fun.
  5. Caveman Jim

    Restore the Cowlitz river steelhead early run.

    Please help restore the Cowlitz river to its former glory before WDFW & TPU decided to kill the early run of steelhead. Thanks 8n advance.;) <broken link removed>
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