The A400 road is an A road in London that runs from Charing Cross (near Trafalgar Square, in London's West End) to Archway in North London. As it does so, it includes a number of Central London's most famous streets and passes some of its most famous landmarks.
Starting at Charing Cross, it starts off as the Charing Cross Road, passing over Cambridge Circus before becoming the northern part of Shaftesbury Avenue, Bloomsbury Street and Gower Street in one direction, and Tottenham Court Road in the other. Passing over the Euston Road, it becomes the Hampstead Road (so-called because it was traditionally the road to Hampstead from London), then Camden High Street in one direction, and Camden Street in the other, as it passes through Camden Town and over the Regent's Canal, and then becomes Kentish Town Road as it passes through Kentish Town, and Fortess Road, on its way to Tufnell Park. From Tufnell Park, it then becomes Junction Road until it terminates at Archway.
Places of interest on the route of the A400 include Trafalgar Square, the National Portrait Gallery, Leicester Square, Foyles, Denmark Street, the Garrick Theatre, Phoenix Theatre, Palace Theatre, Dominion Theatre, Shaftesbury Theatre, and Central YMCA Club, University College London, the British Museum, and the Senate House, Koko (formerly the Camden Palace), and the former TV-AM "Breakfast Television Centre" (now in use by MTV) at Hawley Crescent.
There are several other buildings of architectural interest along the route of the A400. In the West End, the brutalist Centre Point is one of the original 1960s set of skyscrapers in London. The International style glass-clad Euston Tower dominates the skyline at Euston. The cylindrical BT Tower, a former Cold-War-era microwave relay tower that was once the tallest building in London and the hub of the British Telecom microwave network, is a short distance off the A400 at Malet Street. As it passes through Camden Town, it passes the Art Deco Carreras Cigarette Factory. At the northern end of the A400, there is the architecturally controversial brutalist Archway Tower.
The Charing Cross and Barnet branches of the Northern line together follow almost the same route as the A400, and many of their stations are located on it. The following London Underground stations can be found on the A400: Charing Cross, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Warren Street, the famous Mornington Crescent, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Tufnell Park, and Archway.

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    Jeff from Portland, 12ga Stoeger M3K, 20ga A400 XPlor Action

    Hi, thank you for providing such a great discussion venue. Portland resident and fairly new gun owner. Target shoot most Fridays with my wife on 12ga Stoeger M3K. Just ordered a 20ga Beretta A400 XPlor Action KO 28" and fortunately ran across this site looking for A400 ammo advice. Happy shooting!
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