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  1. The Heretic

    Be careful what you ask for - 'bumpfire' stocks ATF ruling

    Some may remember the little snippet in the reciprocity bill where the ATF would be asked for a ruling on bumpfire stocks and similar devices? Some may remember I referred to it as one of the things to happen that we did NOT want to happen because these devices are legal now but may be...
  2. wired

    Possible solution to bumpfire and binary triggers "problem"

    I came up with a plan to remedy the bumpfire and binary trigger problem. I propose that Congress and the ATF declare the guns they are installed in machine guns and ban new production of the stocks and trigger parts. Since the ones out there were purchased legally the guns should be allowed into...
  3. H

    Banning bumpfire stocks

    Thought I would throw this out there. Banning thousands of bumpfire stocks will not stop people from bumpfiring their rifles or handguns by using two fingers or one finger and a wooden dowel or a rubber band or whatever else can be dreamed up. It won't take liberals to long to figure this out...
  4. Mor4us

    Bumpfire stock just arrived. Ready to go.

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