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Has the fancy slide fire stock $250
Drop in Mech Armor trigger $140
Heavy barrel PSA upper
W/ Midwest 12" slim rail $399
Ambi 60 deg safety $45
Seekins mag button $7
PSA flip up sights $79
Skeletonized lightweight
BCG $149
DD Flash hider $49
Bipod $49
Devil Dog Side charger $149
Strike Industries bolt catch $15
standard receiver tube $29

Total of parts cost $1308

Does not come with a lower...

That is no lower.... Thus no need to ship to an FFL.

You get everything for $1280 shipped. A little less than what it cost to build. The rifle has less than 200 rounds fired.

Because I know someone will ask.... Yes, I will sell the stock separately.... For $1280 shipped:D

If you are an Idaho local and want a lower I'll sell you an Anderson for $50 and make it a complete rifle
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