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  1. Joe Link

    Favorite night sights for a carry gun - Trijicon HD XR, XS Big Dot, or something else?

    After shooting my Glock 19 at dusk the other day, I realized I really need to spring for a set of night sights. I've been wanting to try an FNS 9c for a while so I figured I'd see if I could find a used one in the classifieds. Found one and messaged the guy to ask if his had night sights. It...
  2. Pops1911

    XS Big Dot Sights

    Put some XS Big Dot sights on my Shield 9mm. This is the first target at 7 yards that I shot. The big front sight seems to help at this range. Out to 10 yards the pattern opened up a little but everything was still in an 8 inch circle. Nice combat sights IMHO. Pops
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