The 7mm-08 Remington is a rifle cartridge that is almost a direct copy of a wildcat cartridge developed around 1958 known as the 7mm/308. As these names would suggest, it is the .308 Winchester case necked down to accept 7 mm (.284) bullets with a small increase in case length. Of cartridges based upon the .308, it is the second most popular behind only the .243 Winchester. However, the .308 is more popular than both. In 1980, the Remington Arms company popularized the cartridge by applying its own name and offering it as a chambering for their Model 788 and Model 700 rifles, along with a limited-run series within their Model 7600 pump-action rifles during the early 2000s.

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  1. capdek

    Neck turning Lapua brass - is it worth it?

    So I've just recently got into reloading for my 7mm-08 Winchester Model 70 and being a total perfectionist, I'm always looking for ways to improve. My latest question concerns neck turning. I did some looking here on this subject and managed to find a thread from 2011 where deadshot2 said he...
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