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The .44 Remington Magnum, or simply .44 Magnum (10.9×33mmR), and frequently .44 Mag, is a large-bore cartridge originally designed for revolvers. After its introduction, it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. Despite the ".44" designation, guns chambered for the .44 Magnum round, and its parent, the .44 Special, use 0.429 in (10.9 mm) diameter bullets.
The .44 Magnum is based on a lengthened .44 Special case, loaded to higher pressures for greater velocity (and thus, energy). The .44 Magnum has since been eclipsed in power by the .454 Casull, and most recently by the .460 S&W Magnum and .500 S&W Magnum, among others; nevertheless, it has remained one of the most popular commercial large-bore magnum cartridges. When loaded to its maximum and with heavy, deeply penetrating bullets, the .44 Magnum cartridge is suitable for short-range hunting of all North American game—though at the cost of heavy recoil and muzzle flash when fired in handguns, less so in carbines and rifles.

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  1. CountryGent

    Carbine Continuation Conundrum

    So, there is no denying the reoccurring fetish for pistol caliber carbines and submachine-guns. Be they lever-guns, semi-autos, or select-fire; love'em. Light, handy, and uses pistol/revolver calibers we keep. Some are surprisingly accurate. Others not, but aim low, squeeze, and a string of...
  2. CountryGent

    Uberti 1873?

    One I keep bouncing back to from time to time is a Uberti 1873 in .357 Magnum or, most preferably, .44 Magnum. Of the variants, this one in particular: I see decent reviews online, but don't know much about them. (The only 1873 I have, albeit quite limited, experience was an original in...
  3. CountryGent

    Ruger 77/44

    There is no secret that I find pistol caliber carbines and submachine-guns ever so neat-o. We don't have single bolt-action in the battery, being the rifles and carbines are all semi-auto (or select-fire, once ATF approves our latest antics) or lever-action. The Ruger 77/44 looks neat. It...
  4. CountryGent

    .44 Magnum Defense Loads?

    So, I am finding this has become more and more the "do everything" cartridge at our home. We live in the sticks, so defense could be against two-legged varmints and most species of animals that live in this state, including black bear and wolves. We have a lever-action carbine, a double-action...
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