WTB - 9mm or a 40 s&w reloading setup

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by adam, Jun 29, 2009.

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    I'm trying to price out either a 9mm or a .40 s&w reloader setup. Anyone have anything they are looking to sell?

    I think this might be in the wrong area, if a moderator sees this could you please put this where it belongs? thanks!
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    unless you know how to reload and are familiar with the setup, i would buy new. you never know what people have done or havent done to the equipment if its been maintined, tinker, or modified.

    dillon is an exception since they honor their equipment.
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    If you're just starting, I'm kind of a newbie too, but I'm getting it done.

    If cost is a real issue, I'd buy a new Lee Classic Turret Press. I'm sure others will flame me for that, but go ahead. As I said, I'm new too.

    Here's an example. You'll also need both sets of dies. Figure $40 - 50 bucks each with shipping on ebay right now, or maybe you'll get lucky and find them for a lot less if a retailer has them in stock. Be sure to buy Lee carbide dies. I like Lee with Lee.

    Link to just one place

    Since the 9mm and 40 SW both take the small pistol primers, you won't have to change much hardware to change calibers. You will need to recalibrate the powder measure.

    Be sure to get 1 extra turret like this Link because once you have your dies set up in this, as long as you don't change bullet length or design, you don't have to reinstall and readjust your dies. This goodie basically just pops out with the dies still in it.

    You'll need a few other odds and ends such as calipers, but as you read up on it you'll figure that out.

    Be sure to listen carefully to other posters because as I said, I'm new too.

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