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    My favorite decade was the 1950's. I was 11 at the beginning and of course, a grown-up (I think) at the end.
    During the 50's I finished school, left home and started working. I met my wife in 1955. In 1958 we started dating and in 1959 we married. We have now been together for almost 52 years with 6 offspring, 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
    During the 50's the railroads changed from steam to diesel locomotives. I STILL miss those smoke belching dirty old steamers! I loved to watch them! Today I have a number of videos with steam but it ain't the same!
    Airlines began to change over from propeller planes to jets in that decade. I still enjoy seeing one of the old prop planes flying over.
    When the decade started, RADIO WAS KING! But, by the end of the decade TV had just about taken over. I still love what is now called "Old Time Radio." Fortunately there are tons of old radio broadcasts available on recordings and I have a lot of them. Some of my favorites are - The Lone Ranger, Jack Benny, Gunsmoke (It started on radio and later moved to TV), and many others. I listen to one or two of these programs almost every night. During the 50's you didn't hear all the filthy language and sexual talk that is so common on todays TV and movies.
    I enjoyed the movies of that era. Some of my favorites were Gene Autrey, Roy Rogers and most of the other Cowboy Heros. Because of my watching so many Westerns in my youth, I still consider the Lever Action as my favorite Rifle! And, of course, I have a large collection of old movies on video.
    I enjoyed the Comic Books of that era. My favorite was Fawcett Comics' Captain Marvel. Others that I loved were Walt Disney's Comics and Stories, Tarzan, the Spirit and almost all the rest. I currently have a large stack of old comic books.
    But, I have saved the best for last! We had FAR MORE GUN FREEDOM during the 50's! When Military equipment (like guns and ammo) was deemed to be obsolete it was sold to the public! At that time the government TRUSTED us with guns! Kids walking to school would often tote a .22 rifle along. When he got to school he just put it in the coat closet. Nobody was bothered by the sight of a person carrying a gun - at least not in the western States! When I was 16, I walked into a surplus store and purchased a surplus British revolver and a hand full of shells for about $10! And, NO PAPERWORK!
    So, tell us what is your favorite Decade and why!
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    I *think* the '70s might be my favorite decade.
    Of course, that was the decade of my late teens and early 20s,... And the drug culture was really booming.

    So I can't remember for sure,... ROTLFMAO
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    Ummm ,ahhh I uh had some ah fun in the 70s

    But I really really had fun in the 80s. Yeah disco and all
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    80's FTW (Mostly the last half of the 80's)

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    Hmmm, well, only spent one year in the 60's. I watched the Moon Landing, but don't remember a thing. That sort of happens when you are 8 days old.

    The 70's, well, moved 7 times in 10 years. Never made many friends, when I did, was always on the move. California, Idaho, Texas, then back to California, south, north, middle. But had a lot of fun as a kid.

    The 80's, well, grade school and high school, 2 years of college(Vermont). Went a lot of places, saw a lot of things. Kings Canyon National Park was my back yard, I had the most freedom as a youth as could have ever imagined. Spent a lot of time with family, camping, fishing, canoeing. Learned farming, woodworking, cooking/baking.

    The 90's, graduated college, entered the Coast Guard. Spent time in Vermont, California, Hawaii, Seattle, Alaska, Guam, the South Pacific in general, and one trip to GTMO and through the Panama Canal. Ended up living in San Jose CA after discharge. Got a nice job, at a small company and after two years the boss died and the company with him.

    The 00's, well lets just say I would rather forget them. Worked for some of the worst people. I did get to visit South Korea for work. In those 10 years, only took 1 vacation. I worked my arse off because I had a home to pay for. Fortunately I never married, so did not drag a woman down with me. Ended up in the VA hospital a couple of times, medically, my life sort of sucked, but could have been a lot worse. One shining item from this decade, the CEO of the company I worked for in South Korea, recommended me for my current job. I did also go back to school and earned my MBA.

    So, the 10's have started out right. Yup, so far this decade has been the best.

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