What are your single purpose guns?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Joe13, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Joe13

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    Thought I would share and explore my thoughts on Single Purpose Guns. There are lots of if you could only have One type threads, how about one where you list what you keep for only one purpose (you could have lots of reasons: its an heirloom, its purdy etc).

    Mine so fare are:

    EDC Simi-Auto pistol - 9mm double stack

    Bump in the night gun - .357mag revolver

    Home defense Shotgun - pump

    Home defense rifle - AR

    SHTF rifle for wife - Sks

    Hunting rifle - .308win

    Small Game rifle - .22mag scoped

    Small game/bird shotgun - 20ga SxS w/double triggers

    Large Bird shotgun - pump long barrel

    Pest rifle - .22lr/.22l/.22s lever

    So I guess I'm at 10 that I only use for one purpose. Yes, there are guns on there that could serve double duty if I needed too, but these are the guns I grab every time in those situations because they are the best for me. (I also own a few heirlooms but do not use those other then to plink with, and a few I own just because I like them)

    If this turns into a what gun is better for a given purpose then thats ok too, but thats why I left my answers somewhat vague: Yes, there are guns I would own if I had the money to do so but at this time in my life I'm going low end budget/high reliability.
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  2. edslhead

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    My only single purpose is a Kahr CM9, CC. I cant think of any other use for that thing.
    Well maybe it would be a good tackle box gun:rolleyes:
  3. Brutus57

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    O6 for deer,elk, etc.
    Semi shotty for birds
    Siminov back up Shtf (wife so far wants nothing to do with)
    BCM complete upper MSR for grins, but no giggles.
    22lr, 22m Ruger stainless single six for squirrels & such.
    .22LR bolt action Remington with a 2x7 scope for "gophers" and other little varmints out to 100 yards. It is a real tack driver with Remington Yellow Jackets (do they still make those)?
    And a CCW pistol, cal. Depends on my mood that day and environment.

    Brutus Out
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  4. Joe13

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    Appreciate the feed back folks;)
  5. druiseeker

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    If we're trying limiting it to caliber/size/type:

    EDC (depends on what I'm wearing) - 9mm double stack sub-compact or .40 mid-size
    Hiking - .357 ultralight revolver
    Hunting rifle - .308 (deer)/.30-06 (elk)
    Waterfowl - 10 ga pump
    Upland/Turkey/Small Game - 12 ga. 3 1/2" capable semi-auto
    Home defense - 9mm double stack full-size with night sights and light.
    Plinking or pest - 22lr revolver or semi-auto rifle
    SHTF - EDC/Hunting Rifle (as I usually have them on me or easy to get to).

    My house is older and has lots of small doors and tight corners. Can't maneuver with a shotgun or rifle. I should probably get an SBR AR or something...
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  6. B5Ben

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    SKB 12 Ga for trap
    Stevens 420 O/U for Skeet
    Rem 870 for HD

    The rest are for target shooting/SHTF/range toys which I consider be multi purpose so apparently its just a few shotguns that have dedicated uses... :eek:
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  7. BoonDocks36

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    My Glock 43 has one Purpose, it is in support of my Second Ammendment Right.

    My Rossi M-92 a John Browning Designed Lever Action, is for Hunting...
    .............. (I hope all Bowed their head, for a moment of Silence, in honor of One of the Top Five gun designers EVER).

    My NEF is a survival mode breakdown multiple barrels gun.

    308, 223, 45Colt/.410 and when I find it, a 357 barrel as well...

    Ruger Super Single Six, is a in the woods Packer, I have eaten many meals with my first Single Six, which as a Young Fool, traded off.... I had Trigger Smithed it to a Glass Smooth pull, which lightens the felt trigger pull, with out reducing gun safety.

    My Ruger Old Model BlackHawk, in 45ACP/45Colt ("long" Colt) but really "COLT" is a hunter, with 7.5 inch barrel.

    PTR 91, is my MainBattleRifle, or MBR, It is Black, but it is not evil, in fact in all the years I owned it, I have only heard it Bark, not once has it ever cussed, or been cussed at. It's serial number is BELOW 3,000.... Yeah baby, your sweet!

    I got a 70 year old Single Shot Bolt Action Winchester, with 22" barrel, it is only used Once a year, and only to shoot a Squirrel.... Or Hill Side Salmon, I can't remember now, I am nearly as old as it is... She like 22 shorts, which sound like a Cat Sneezing... The Triggers Click is noisy, the Round down the barrel ehh, the Squirrel is always Minus an Eye, but he does not complain, not even asking for an Asprin, for the head ache!!!!

    I can't talk about my other guns, they don't KNOW about the once I mentioned as they are stored ~Elsewhere~ If you follow the drift!!!!

    philip I Single Purpose reload for all but 308, the brass I bought to do so was given in a Pay Forward type venture, I reload Brass 410, from fireformed 9.3X74mm Rimmed, a European cartridge... It is a forever brass cartridge after its formed.... A full 3 inch long case!!!!
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  8. Joe13

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    Thats a nice lineup philip;)
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  9. KTM530XCW

    Vancouver, WA
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    XDs - EDC
    Baby Eagle 40 - Under bed
    Baby Eagle 9 - To keep BEagle 40 company
    XDm 45 - Vacation trailer defense
    XDm 9 - To burry under trailer
    Dan Wesson 15 357 - no excuse yet
    18" suppressed AR - Bunnies / sage rats
    M77 - Large Game
    30BR - Sharpshooter comp
    AR 16" - CQB
    AR-10 - General Paranoia
    Steyr AUG - Cause I wanted a Space Gun

    All others - Cant even start to justify why I have them.
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  10. notazombie

    Sweet freedom!
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    Back before I sold 'em all a couple weeks ago...

    A couple SKS's - for makin loud noises
    A couple 12ga pumps - for puttin holes on stuff
    A couple 12ga autoloaders - for puttin holes in a more rapid fashion
    Stainless M77 - for lookin classy while I'm puttin holes in stuff
    A couple Mosins - for puttin holes in stuff with a historical flair...and fireballs
    TS995 - because Planet of the Apes
    CZ83 - for double stackin hole makers
    Makarov - I don't know, I just wanted one
    Lorcin (not a misprint) - for throwin at stuff that needs holes put in it

    Man, I really miss owning guns.
  11. hker71

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    My Ruger LC9 Pro is strictly for concealed carry during the summer time. My 6" Smith & Wesson 686 is what I grab when I have someone drive up my 1/2 mile driveway without an invitation.;) I have a Colt SBR and a Remington 11-87 Police for my home defense guns.
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  12. ZA_Survivalist

    AK's all day.

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    Before my major boating accident I had a few firearms, now Im down to just a few.
    However Ill answer this question as if I still had all of them.

    AK - Everything. :D
  13. etrain16

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    Hmmm, hard to say for sure. I think of most guns as serving two purposes - target shooting and self defense. I don't hunt, so really, no use there.

    My M&P 9c is my carry gun, so I guess it's single use.

    Mossberg 500 has 2 barrels, so the long barrel is for trap, at home the short barrel is attached for home defense.

    I guess my wife's SP101 is single use since it doesn't really get used for target shooting save for the occasional practice round.

    Also have an older Wingmaster set aside for trap when we need another gun if my wife wants to join me.

    M&P 15-22 is just a fun gun for plinking at the range.

    Gen4 G21 stands ready at the nightstand.
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  14. teflon97239

    Portland, OR
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    .45acp Mac 10, 18 rounds per second. Perfect for a gunfight in a phone booth.
  15. mkwerx

    Rock Creek
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    We have a couple guns suited to singilar types of primary uses. Bolt gun for shooting 4 legged creatures some day. The rest are more suited and configured for repelling hostile, aggressive unwanted persons in varied situations.

    They all serve a secondary purpose of keeping the safe from floating away tho. And my edc makes a good paper weight on occasion.
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  16. rick benjamin

    rick benjamin
    USA, Or, Damascus
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    G27 EDCC
  17. mjbskwim

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    I almost never buy anything for a single purpose.I try to get thing that can be used for different projects or purposes around the place
    Every gun needs to be something I'll take to the range plus a hunter or defense weapon
    Of course I'm retired on a fixed income and cheap
  18. oremike

    Creswell, Oregon
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    338 win mag-huntin' rifle
    12 ga -bird huntin'
    6" 357- wabbit huntin'
    45 colt- big game hand gun huntin'
    40 S&W -concealed carry
    45 auto or 4" 357 -open carry
    .22-pop can and paper killer
  19. ogre

    Vancouver, WA
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    A Martini Henry Cadet rifle in .357 Magnum - fun gun
  20. brokenarrow

    Elma, WA
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    They all single purpose, at least that's what I tell the wife!
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