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What are skills a prepper should have?

What are some things we should be learning to be more prepared?
I would love to take a first aid class and get paramedic like training.
I also think that a ham radio class and license would be great for communications
Want to plant a garden next spring to grow my own vegetables to can
I want to learn how to naturally dry meat for long term storage also.

What do you guys think we should be learning for skills for prepping for anything?
Some pretty good books can be had on Amazon about survival basics. A plethora of knowledge awaits. Try to get the ones that have been in print since the 70’s or 80’s. Most of the newer ones are watered down.


Learn a trade skill. When normal 9-5 goes down tonna city folk gonna need someone to do agriculture/welding/home-shelter building/security/hunting.

Remember the cities are more boned than rural areas because no amount of gizmos gadgets, cloud storage and IoT is going to supply food water heat and safety when electric goes off and trucks from the midwest stop coming to major cities to restock winco/costco etc.

Unless you can live off starbucks and chain restuarants


Repairing, modifying, and making your own gear; be it fabric type (my main skills); leather, plastics, metals, or ceramics... learning how to maintain and repair modify, or create equipment needed, and your existing equipment as well are all very useful should there be a societal collapse.
Basic carpentry, house construction, home repairs are also useful skills.
Lots of DIY books are available for things such as plumbing, electrical work, mechanical work, and carpentry, especially the 1960s-1970s Popular Mechanics book series... ohh also, its handy to have a range of Chiltons car repair books, and anyone remember the Audel Automotive repair books? I still have one from the 1960s that has information that newer repair books does not cover

To quote someone a long while ago....
no matter how many colleges and universities there are, there will always be a need for ditch diggers :rolleyes:
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Ok get books and manuals on how to do things to. Good to have a back up when smart phones cant google how to do X if you are inexperienced. Stock food ammo/guns and liquirs because those were old school bartered items. Live stock and trade items such as hunted pelts or crafts would be useful too. Do a history lesson and learn how oir ancestors thrived many many years ago with just what they could produce or procure themselves off the land. Oh stock lighters and TP too, common meds such as tylenol and antibacterials. Hospitals would be flooded and all common things would be consumed beyond back order. Hygiene and sanitation is just as important as making sure you got food on the table. Even if you dont smoke buy a couple cartons of good shelf brand smokes like camel or marlboros for currency (think prison) because im pretty sure someone would trade an item for their addiction now being in short supply. In a legal state that allows marijuana probably wouldnt hurt to learn to grow as thatll be 2 parts medicinal and 1 part trade worthy. Oh and grab a fishing pole.
Off the top of my head:
  • An analytical, scientifically grounded mind that knows how to rapidly shift through the data and noise, and come up with a working plan fast.
  • An unquenchable thirst to assimilate as much knowledge, preparedness or otherwise, as fast as possible, everyday. Embrace this and one will never want for the delight of mental stimulation and the acquisition of skills that make you survive, thrive, and enjoy the ride.
  • Mental and physical toughness, with a detached perspective when hardship arises.
  • An overarching belief system that pulls you through no matter what; for some it is religion, others country, still others family/tribe. Or put another way, it isn't about you, it is about that broader thing that must survive.
  • The ability to interact and deal with people of various backgrounds, races, cultures, outlooks, languages, sexual orientations/proclivities, and mental faculties.
  • Having some knowledge of what some call "traditional skills", such as growing, hunting, fishing, etc.
  • Technical knowledge, be it vehicles, radios, computers, guns, NBC equipment, agricultural tools, etc., come in handy.
  • A sense of humor helps; a dark one perhaps more so in this context.
  • When all else fails, the ability to deliver a right cross to the mug of someone who needs it or accurately sending large chunks of lead down range.
Godspeed, friend. :)
PRACTICE every thing as often as you can, test your skills in various realistic conditions and find what works best for you! You would be amazed at how much stuff you can do and what you can do with out! Skill and mindset are the greatest things you can have in prepping!
Pick a day off from work and go to your electrical panel. Throw circuit breaker to OFF except the fridge circuit (for obvious reason).. Leave it there all day and night. Can you get through the entire day/night easily or not? The next day after you throw all the circuits back on, start making notes about things that you found significant, things you noticed that were different, etc. How did you cook your meals? (Remember, fridge is technically off limits). Did you have hot water? Did you need hot water? What did you struggle with? How did the family cope? This is where you get your initial perspective and begin to cultivate your mindset. Oh yeah, if you want to go commado, throw your cell phones in the fridge for the entire time.


Read Lucifer's Hammer!

Imagine yourself out in the country with little or no electricity, little or no fuel. What could you offer others that would make their life better?

Can you convert a car to run on alcohol?

Do you know how to build solar power collectors?

Can you forge metal?

Books on how to do these things may become valuable, as will the skills.


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