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CCW surge slows as gun rights effort warms up

As backers of Initiative 591 prepare to deliver the first 340,000 signatures tomorrow to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia, it appears there is a slowdown – albeit perhaps temporary – in the number of concealed pistol licenses issued over the past month in Washington, according to data obtained by Examiner late Monday.

<broken link removed>
Dave, I've gotten some sigs for this, meself.. how many verified sigs do we need, total?
Here's what your SOS says:
Frequently Asked Questions about Circulating Initiative and Referendum Petitions
How many signatures are needed to qualify an initiative or referendum?Based on the number of votes cast for the office of Governor at the last regular state gubernatorial election, the number of signatures required for initiatives is: 246,372 and the number for referenda is: 123,186.
Since a certain percentage of petition signatures are normally found to be invalid due to duplication and non registration, it is recommended that sponsors file as many signatures as possible.

Looking elsewhere, I found it's 8% of the total votes cast for the governor office in the last election.
Seriously, Washingtons. Good luck with this! I hope you can effect the general election as well as the initiatives.
I saw that "in response to I-594" phrasing repeated on this ballot wiki site (both pages): 591 594
Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the "truth".
It was in today's Columbian too.

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