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    I saw the documentary "innocents betrayed" this morning (on tv of all places! Channel 11 in Portland!)

    Now I'm not Jewish,and I've only done some basic research into this organization,but from the little bit I read,I'm kinda impressed. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Here is a link to some of the highlights of their ideas. I'm not a psycho,a troll,or any of that,so anyone who wants to talk smack,pm me,and we can discuss. If everyone else already knows,sorry,guess I'm not in the cool guy club.

    How long has been down?
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    If I had been routinely persecuted, robbed, beaten, enslaved, raped and killed for the last 2,000 years I am sure I wouldn't be tolerant of anybody who posed a threat to me or my loved ones. The Blacks and American Indian's claims of discrimination (which in themselves are entirely justified and I mean no disrespect to either) can't hold a candle in length of time and numbers involved to those who are Jewish. These people are the true survivors and I am not even remotely Jewish. My family past and present has had good friends who happen to be Jewish and have helped us out at times in ways when no gentile would have. I don't blame them for advocating for their own self defense.
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    876 isn't down now. I have several links to information they have and like the site. Been using it for quite awhile now.

    example: Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality, By Sarah Thompson, M.D. or The Seven Varieties of Gun Control Advocate both are very good articles.

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