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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by cally88, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Not really sure if this is the right area, but.....

    When buying a firearm how many of you check the serial number against reported stolen guns?

    If you post up how you check, ie: website, telephone # etc.
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    Definitely don't call 911. Notice that advice was given by the police state...errr state police. You have no reason to believe its stolen just because its a private transaction. If everyone called 911 that got a firearm through a private sale to check its serial #, they would be overwhelmed & then use that as a reason to stop private transactions for the safety of the public. Because all the idiots out there are wasting emergency service's ability to respond & dispatch people for actual emergency's.
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    Also, all 911 calls are recorded.
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    Not only should you assume the gun is NOT stolen, (unless there is something specific thing that might trigger a suspicion it may be)... Just because you call and the gun comes up as not stolen, does it mean that the theft just has not been noticed yet.

    My personal criteria is: Is the price reasonable for the weapon offered (I'm a collector, not a seller) Unless it is an "extra special deal" and 10% of what the weapon should sell for, it is probably ligit. (unless of course it is an 80 year old woman that is selling a 1930 pidgin grade gold engraved Browning Superposed for $100. "it was her husbands gun" type sale... then the correct thing to do is tell her the shotgun is worth $5k to $8k and offer her a reasonable price.

    If a weapon is offered for "quick sale" because they "need the money" and is 10% -20% of what it should be That I would question, otherwise I will assume the person is honest, and the sale is ligit.

    Those that would use the weapon for criminal purposes don't care if it is stolen, and as criminals cannot use normal means of purchasing firearms, they generally guard them carefully, they normally do not put them up for sale for a quick buck, or turn them in at the next "buy back".
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    If anyone decided to call OSP and have the gun checked, have the seller do it so the gun's info doesn't go under your name :winkkiss: (stand next to the seller, have the phone on speaker etc.)
    I called the number once and asked some questions. The lady told me that they would need my name and address in case the firearm was stolen, so they could send and officer to come take it. One could call from a public phone or a prepaid cell phone and give them the wrong address and a false name just to run the serial number..... so I don't get what they are trying to accomplish lol.

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