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Someone knew it was coming!

My holy water super soker works great on vampires. I guess from reading this thread, I better use my 10/22 on zombies. Silver Bullet (Coors Light) still works on wolfmen, right?
I would say the best zombie gun must have:

1. Reliability. If you gun doesn't work, then the zombies will either eat you or turn you into a zombie. Probably both. Your gun must work while covered in zombie blood and massive amounts of their guts. To see if your current gun is zombie qualified, go to a grocery store and buy some chicken necks, gizzards, etc.. Open the action of your gun, and shove all this crap into it. If your gun fails to fire, you need a better gun for killing zombies.

2. Accuracy. If you can't hit the zombie, then the gun is worthless. Headshots are what will stop the zombie. Most guns have good to excellent accuracy, so operator training is very important. If you have a gun that others have and yours isn't as accurate as theirs, chances are it is you who are inaccurate, not the gun.

3. Stopping Power. The round must have enough power to stop the zombie, and penetration/devastion the round causes is a big issue with zombies. Since they are already dead, your round must have the power to destroy the head, which everyone knows is where the zombieness starts at. So basically, use hollowpoints or softpoints. Full metal jacket/ball ammo is useless against zombies. I have first hand experience with this, so read on with confidence

So now that the basics of an acceptable zombie gun are laid out, which one fits the bill? Well, I would say the AK-47 in 7.62X39mm really fills the role. It is accurate enough out to 200 yards, the reliability is almost unbelieveable (due to its huge tolerances), and the stopping power is more than enough.
Everyone knows zombies have good hearing, though. They will swarm in from miles around if they hear a gunshot... You're better off with something very very quiet. Not to mention ammo. If theres a zombie problem, theres gonna be lots of zombies. Not as many here as in say, New York, but still many many zombies. Can you carry enough 7.62 to hold off all of them?
I don't think so.
The only acceptable zombie weapon is a machete. Everything else is for pansies.
I think the .22 semi auto is often overlooked. Sure the others are alot sexier and carry kinetic whoopass to other area codes, but ammunition weight and expense are to be considered. Besides a .22 could always assist in relieving the undead of their weapons.
The only .22LR I would use in a Zombie attack would be an American 180 in Full Auto. Everyone know you have to destroy the head to kill a zombie. The A180 would turn it to hamburger. But then there is that really long time to reload the drum.

Joe Link

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The only .22LR I would use in a Zombie attack would be an American 180 in Full Auto. Everyone know you have to destroy the head to kill a zombie. The A180 would turn it to hamburger. But then there is that really long time to reload the drum.
Ideally you'd have multiple drums, and I'm sure if you had an A180 you'd find plenty of volunteers to reload and carry them in exchange for protection :D
Was next to these guys at the Enerprise MG shoot back in June....

M2 was in .22 magnum, and they had a 1919 in .22 LR.

WAY too cool. :s0155:


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