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If your going to open carry in Starbucks.... sit in a corner and remove the headphones.
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It looks like a setup. His headphones are actually tactical earbugs to listen to the other guys staking out the joint. Close multiple support personal. They were resting in wake for some idiot liberal snowflake to bite on the hook and take the gun bait.

The gun was a phony. Glued into the holster. Non usable. The whole get go was to suck in the commie liberals. Seems like the most likely plausible working scenario to me, but then again sometimes I look to the paranoid aspects of things. Just me. :)

No matter what the truth, still a very bad presentation by him. Not good.
Maybe he is working on his blog : The Tactical Mocha...

"There I was ... slipping away at another cup of bad coffee mixed with sweet , sugary goodness...
When suddenly I realized , just how stupid I looked sitting here , with head phones on , back to the room and my "Super cool , its just what the Delta six and a half chairborne super silly special Rangers use", pistol was exposed ...."

Or maybe not...:D
Even if its a "setup" as HB posted ....
The chance of a confrontation over this situation is too high for me to consider doing this ... all in the name of whatever message they are wanting to send...
Maybe just maybe those were electronic ear muffs so if he needed to use the gun he wouldn't lose his hearing. Benefit of the doubt and all that stuff.
Here I thought Starbucks was one of those gun free zone companies.

If they are, not worth the hassle of getting trespassed. If they aren't, great! ...but still painfully poor awareness.
I've seen cops sitting there almost as seemingly clueless. Plain clothes and uniformed. But yeah - OC in Starbucks for anyone but a uniformed or at least badge-showing copper is probably a bad idea.

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