Awareness is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be of events. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being conscious of something.

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  1. DivCurlGrad72

    Oregon  June 7 : Gun Violence Awareness Day

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will sign a proclamation June 7, declaring it gun violence awareness day. Oregon Governor Plans To Announce June 7 As Gun Violence Awareness Day
  2. arakboss

    FFLs Please Raise Awareness This Year.

    Last year during the IP 43 debacle most of the FFL retailers were publicly silent on opposing IP43. I am hoping this year those who didn't before will break their silence and publicly oppose the long stream of anti-gun legislation that is coming. NW Armory has broke their silence. I receieved...
  3. RicInOR

    Situational Awareness Tips & Drills

    Situational Awareness Tips & Drills
  4. Joe Link

    Washington  Locks for Life hoping to raise awareness about firearm related suicides

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  5. IOM

    National  Friday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day.???

    Nationa Gun Violence Day...??? Say what... Never heard of that one... Former President Barack Obama encouraged gun control proponents on Friday to stay committed to securing new gun laws “no matter how long it takes.” Friday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Obama tweeted that gun...
  6. T

    Situational awareness at the shooting range

    I was out shooting at Wolf Creek today when something unnerving happened. I went to break in a new G Code holster and was having a great time shooting drills in lane #1. As I'm shooting at my target, I see two people walk into my field of vision. These guys were up on the hill way past the...
  7. watermerc

    Situational Awareness - Epic Fail

    If your going to open carry in Starbucks.... sit in a corner and remove the headphones.
  8. ATCclears

    Situational Awareness reminder

    <broken link removed> NEWPORT, N.C. (AP) — A sheriff's office says a woman narrowly escaped being carjacked after spotting what she thought was a child sitting in the middle of the road in the dark of night. It turned out to be a dummy, dressed in children's clothing. And as the woman slowed...
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