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!!!!! Savage owners please help me, stock problems!!!!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by bigd1972, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. bigd1972

    bigd1972 Vancouver WA Member

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    Alright everybody, I have a Savage 12fv 22-250 with a BSA contender series 6-24x40 and am happier then a pig in sh** with, BUT THE STOCK SUCKS. I have looked at McMillians very nice to expensive, H-S very nice to expensive but will be getting the 10fp in 308 with it soon.
    I am torn between the Bell and Carlson or the Choate Ultimate Varmint stock. My question is, has anybody had a Choate Ultimate Varmint stock and your opinions on them? Cause the price is very appealing.

    Thank You All, Darrell

  2. Mookie

    Mookie Eastern Washington Active Member

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    Both are good stocks. I had a B&C and it was very solid especially after I bedded it. Know a couple with the Choate and they are happy also.
  3. MilesTeg

    MilesTeg Troutdale, OR Active Member

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    Buy a stock from Kevin Rayhill of Stockade gunstocks. You won't regret it. If you have more money go for an MPI stock here in Portland.

    If it is between the Choate and the B&C - I would definitely go with the B&C.
  4. Zippo Joe

    Zippo Joe Oregon New Member

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    So I have heard alot good comments about the Bell and Carlson Duramaxx and Medalist for Savages. Not sure about your particular model as I've been researching the 10FP only. I have been reading alot over at the Savage Shooters Forum which has been helpful. Another stock I've been looking at is Manners stocks. I have been leaning towards sending my 10FP out to Kevin at Stockade for a "work over" but when I talked with him the lead time just for a stock was 14weeks. I have to make a decision though... tough one! LOL!

    -Zippo Joe
  5. the4thshake

    the4thshake Portland Active Member

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    My choice would be the B&C Medalist Tactical. It is a little over $200 from Stockysstocks.com. The Choates are hideous looking and made of plastic. Choate does have a new stock that looks like a plastic copy of a Mcmillan A5. Though not as nice looking as the B&C....it doesn't look like a crutch like the Ultimate stocks. I believe they just call it their "Tactical Stock". It's around $180.
  6. alphapygmy

    alphapygmy Yamhill County Active Member

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  7. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Ok, I'm not a Savage owner, at least not a bolt action Savage... And I'm not replying with your choices, but you should really consider Hogue. I just got my catalog today and they list several variations for Savage bolt action rifles. I've got a couple of their stocks on my Ruger rifles and I love them. The full length bedding block style is a little heavy, but is a very stable platform. The weight is nice on my .375 since it tames the recoil a bit. I have a pillar bedded style on one of my 30-06 and am happy with it, too. If you think you might be grabbing your rifle on a wet day the Houge would be my only choice. You would have to feel one when wet to believe how they feel and how good of a grip you have. Another plus is they come with a real squishy recoil pad.
  8. landcbeitner

    landcbeitner Everett, WA Member

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    I've used Stockade and the stocks are very good. The "Prarie Dog Special" was changed last year and unfortunately it's no longer quite as good (palm swell decreased, butt hook moved too far forward IMO).

    I don't personally recommend the Choate unless it's a prone/bench only rifle as they are very heavy. McMillan are expensive and very nice. The Manners are probably the best, strong and light, (same ergonomically as McMillan IMO) and generally run a little less $ than McMillan.

    You can now get AICS for Savage with working DBM system... don't have one for Savage but I have one on a Remington and I like it although it's on the heavy side for sure. They run about $950 which is spendy unless you consider that it also includes and excellent DBM system.