Ruger 10/22 Magnum? Who has one?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by tank3d, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. tank3d


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    O see them on gunbroker going for well over $1,000. I am not very familiar with the round.

    Tell me what you know.

    If you have one, tell me how you like it. How does the 22 magnum compare to the 22lr?
  2. Certaindeaf

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    I'd just use a 30-06 and be done with it.
  3. deen_ad

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    I only have two 10/22's, none of which are magnums. Friend has one but have never shot it. Maybe you can look for the ballistics. I just bought a NAA .22 WMR and loaded it with Hornady Critical Defense 45 Gr FTX.
    From a 24" barrel it shows 1700 fps at the muzzle, 1222 fps @ 100 yds and 980 fps @ 200 yds.
    From a 1 7/8" barrel it shows 1000 fps at the muzzle, 926 fps @ 100 yds and 868 fps @ 200 yds.

    They don't give the Ft lbs at any range but I guess it's hard to measure something that low!

    Not cheap at about $17 a box of 50 either.

    I carry the NAA in my front pocket as a backup to my Kimber .45. I know it's not much but it's better than nothing.

    On edit:
    Just reading the 2013 Guns & Ammo Handguns magazine. In an article on ".22 for Defense" they state that:
    "Hornaday engineers were im-
    pressed by the new .22 WMR FTX
    performance in testing and found
    that it's terminal ballistics were
    directly comparable to the impact
    effect of the .380 Auto Critical
    Defense load. Fired into calibrated
    ballistic gelatin, a 90 grain .380
    Critical Defense bullet at 896 fps
    from a 2.75-inch-barreled Ruger
    LCP penetrates about 10 inches.
    The 45-grain .22 WMR Critical
    Defense bullet at 1,038 fps from a
    1.875-inch-barreled S&W 351 PD
    penetrates 9.5 inches. In volu-
    metric terms, the primary-upset
    wound channels in the critical first
    5 inches of penetration are also
    nearly the same. I wouldn't want
    to be standing in front of either one
    of them."
  4. Key-Hay

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    I have a Ruger Single Six that has cylinders for 22LR and 22WHM. When I have the 22WHM in it kicks like 9mm (well a light 9mm).
  5. lazzwarbird


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    I have a heavy barreled laminate Remington 597 in 22 mag. Probably the most accurate rimfire I have ever shot and it's a freakin automatic. You are obviously gonna get a lot more range and power out of a mag compared to a lr. If you were thinking about buying the 10/22 I would look at the volquartsen or the magnum research before I sported that kind of money for a 10/22.

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