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    I was at Young Kim's Good Old Shooting Practice - Shooting on the Move this last Sunday and what a good time it was.
    There were over 60 mostly guys and some gals, most had not been to one of these events and most looked like they had not had much formal training to be honest - hence the great need this type of event meets.
    Young has set this up for novice to experienced and as a relative novice I really appreciated the opportunity to practice drawing from the holster, 9" steel and cutout target shooting, shooting moving in different directions, situational thinking in shooting situations and more. The volunteer RSO's were very helpful and gave feedback when asked and as someone mentioned - everybody left with the same # of holes they came with - safety was first.
    This has probably been broached before but I personally think that to get a CPL in WA some kind of training should be required - simple as it may be.

    So in my humble opinion - 60 plus shooters left with more skill and respect for their firearms and consequence of carrying, awareness of what they need to work on, fun and comraderie and yes - front sights, front sights, front sights.

    Much thanks to this volunteer effort by Young Kim and volunteers.

    PS It would be nice to see Young Kim back on the Forum

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