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Preparedness library so far

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by netsecsys, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. netsecsys

    netsecsys near: Bellingham, WA Active Member

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    While I have large amounts of electronic documents pertaining to preparedness, I am attempting to build a physical library of books that are helpful. Garage sales are great places to find books that are preparedness related (and several for plain entertainment). Here is my collection so far in no particular order:

    Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment
    Petroleum Refining
    From the fryer to the fuel tank
    Producing your own power
    Powering our future
    Engineering mechanics Vol I - Statics
    Farm Mechanics Text and Handbook
    Simplified Site Engineering
    Engineering and Technical Handbook
    First principles of Physics
    One Second After
    Lutheran Prayer Book
    99 ways to live a simple lifestyle
    When all **** (h-e-double toothpick) breaks loose
    Many back issues of: Backwoods Home, Mother Earth News and Back Home magazines
    North American Emergency Response Handbook
    Patrick J McM****(McM-a-n-u-s)- The Good Samaritan Strikes Again
    The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence
    How to survive the end of the world as we know it
    Wild Harvest - wild edible plants of North America
    How to find fish and make them strike
    Complete book of baits, rigs & tackle
    Saltwater fishing in Washington
    The ABCs of Avalanche Safety
    PVC projects for the outdoorsman
    More PVC projects for the outdoorsman
    First Aid
    Alas, Babylon
    Community Hygiene
    Stocking Up
    Patrick J. McM****(McM-a-n-u-s) - Never sniff a gift fish
    A handful of thumbs and two left feet
    Love to pray
    The stewardship of life
    Principles of Animal Biology
    Elements of Physics
    Mushrooms of North America
    Hornady Handbook
    Speer Handbook
    Learning Japanese
    English to Spanish
    The Wilderness Handbook
    SAS Survival Handbook
    Now You are talking! Amateur radio
    The Encyclopedia of Country Living
    Securing SCADA Systems
    Safety, Health and Environment
    Extreme Survival
    When Technology Fails
    Heartsaver First Aid, CPR and AED Student Handbook
    Standard First Aid
    Outdoor Emergency Care
    Emergency food storage and survival handbook
    Rustic construction
    A treasury of outdoor life
    Living on the earth
    How to dry foods
    A guide to canning, freezing, canning & curing Meat, Fish and Game.
    the $50 and up Underground house book
    Roberts rules of order
    The welding encyclopedia
    New lessons in ARC welding
    Profitable sheep farming
    the practical handbook of concrete and masonry
    Fables -Aesop
    Tales- O.Henry
    Complete Short Stories- Mark Twain
    The old man and the boy
    The Marines of autumn
    Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout
    Arabian Knights
    American Dreams
    Treasure Island
    Red badge of courage
    The Journals of Lewis and Clark
    Robinson Crusoe
    Lone Survivor
    J.R.R. Tolkien- hobbit, fellowship of the ring, two towers, return of the king

    Most of these books were had for less than 50cents each at garage sales. Still have a lot more to go to get a great library of knowledge going..but it's a start.

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  2. Markjz

    Markjz Longview, WA Member

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    people look at me funny when I say one of the most important buildings to secure in a SHTF world is a library. good to see some one on the same page
  3. Tangent123123

    Tangent123123 Battle Ground Active Member

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  4. netsecsys

    netsecsys near: Bellingham, WA Active Member

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    Right on. As much as I admire the vastness of my electronic data, the books are not erased by anything other than fire (for the most part).
  5. netsecsys

    netsecsys near: Bellingham, WA Active Member

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    Thanks. The set is definitely on my list (just looking for the right price/time combo).
  6. FourTeeFive

    FourTeeFive PNW Washington State Active Member

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  7. saxon

    saxon springfield Active Member

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  8. netsecsys

    netsecsys near: Bellingham, WA Active Member

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    Cool. I'll try to check them out at the library before buying (unless I find them at a garage sale ; )