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I thought this might be a fun thread: what is the most unusual firearm in your collection? It could be different due to a mechanical feature, historical provenance, caliber, legal status, or whatever. Thanks. :)
I guess my Henry Survival, their version of the AR-7. All comes apart and stores in the butt of the rifle. Brought it to a show-and-tell a local gun shop used to do, and everyone was curious why I only brought in a gun butt. Nothing super out there, but a little unique!
My "most unusual" is the one that I am most passionate about. (See my avatar) ;)

Whenever at the range, I always hear people say something along the lines of "You only see those in movies or behind glass. You never see one like this, just setting here like this! Are you really gonna shoot that???"

I just have to smile.

Bought this ugly thing purely to have it for collectors reasons. It eventually left my collection though for downsizing reasons. Now another member here has it.

Swedish Lahti D model. I don't shoot it as modern ammo can crack the swedish ones, but definitely more out there than most. It is one of my 2 husqvarnas.
All of the ones I have are unique due to their serial number.


My Remington Model 33, and the
Remington 760 Gamemaster in .300 Savage is the most unique. More seasoned gents at the rifle range always comment when they see it in that unusual caliber.

This little guy has been as reliable as my G17 and it's had a lot of ammo put thru it.

Stainless slide and barrel, lifetime warrenty, factory in FL and sub $200 generally - kinda hard to beat for the price.

Most all of my guns are standard stuff so this is the only oddball I have.

I know lots of people buy them but I rarely see them for sale used.
I have some pieces with some really cool history behind them, but I wouldn't classify anything in my collection as "unusual". :)
I have an antique percussion cap two-barreled firearm from Denmark or Norway. The top barrel is approximately .40 caliber and the bottom is a 12 gauge bore. Oddly, there is no indication of who made it. I took it to a gun show in Rickreall and a gentlemen said that every town of a decent size in northern Europe had a gunsmith that made firearms, and since they were regarded as tools (the guns, not the gunsmiths), nobody bothered to put their names on them.

My dearest firearm is my uncle's M94 rifle (not carbine) made in 1898. That thing killed a LOT of deer in its day.
Bought this ugly thing purely to have it for collectors reasons. It eventually left my collection though for downsizing reasons. Now another member here has it.

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I bought that from Reno and it's one of my favorites. It's quirky, sort of reliable and functions abnormally (kind of mirrors my personality) but I love it. No backsies Reno! :D
Nothing really unusual here. A Vetterli in .41 Swiss and a rolling block of unknown manufacture in .45-70 (someone wrote DENMARK with an engraving pen on one side, for some reason).

The micrometer sight on the rolling block used to be mounted on the Vetterli. I took it off and modified it to fit. Surprisingly accurate with black powder loads and (pure) lead bullets, provided there is a 'wonder wad' between the bullet & powder. Otherwise, hitting a target would be harder than hitting the lottery!


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