Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LCR for concealed carry?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Joe Link, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Joe Link

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    I currently have a Kahr PM9 with a very nice leather IWB holster that I carry regularly. The problem is neither the girlfriend or myself like shooting the Kahr much since we're unable to get used to the trigger. I've been thinking about getting a j-frame or LCR for a long time now, and after comparing them both at the shop I've decided to get the LCR for the (much) better trigger.

    I have some reservations selling the PM9 to get an LCR, but I'm not sure why? Maybe it's because everyone raves about their PM9's? What do you guys think?
  2. skud_dusty

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    If you don't like the Kahr trigger I don't imagine you'd care much for a revolver trigger either.
  3. nubus

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    Triggers are one of the last concerns for me with a CCW. I find it hard to believe that a double action revolver trigger is going to treat you better than the Kahr trigger. Now you go limp wresting that Kahr and you could have a FTF and that will not happen with the revolver. Even if you have a bad primer in that revolver you just pull the trigger again. If you were in WA I'd gladly trade you an LCR for your Kahr. :D
  4. Iceberg

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    I would carry a S&W 642 over a LCR.
  5. U201494

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    Definitely Ruger over the crappy trigger. I also think you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not taking a look at the Walther PPS. It's about the same size as the PM9 and the trigger is much better, Glock like in fact. I have one in .40 and think it is great. Thin, light, super accurate - check out Hickok45's YouTube review of the PPS in 9mm.
  6. gnarkill

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    I have the PM9 that I carry in a leather pocket holster. I find the pm9 to be have a fine trigger, but it doesnt seem to be the most accurate weapon past about 10 yards. I would trust the PM9 with my life over a ruger any day. I really dont think it matters what anyone else thinks though, if you dont feel comfortable with it, then get something else.

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