Washington In Our View: Vote ‘No’ on Initiative 1639

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related News' started by Joe Link, Oct 10, 2018.

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    That article falls short on Accuracy, the FBI's own stats clearly state 1995-2005 while there was a ban, crime was on the rise, and
    sharply declined and has been since 2006 when the ban was lifted.

    Furthermore, 30K may die by firearms each year, but the law the propose would not stop most of them, as less then 1%
    of these firearms deaths were from a person purchasing the firearms days before the death occurred.

    And lastly, more people die from car crashes, and abortions each year and its not even close ....
    But where is that outcry?

    There is no firearms law that will help firearms deaths, until we fix what we destroyed in the 1970's and that
    was a national mental health system, and why it was not perfect. Involuntary deaths have occurred most times
    by the mentally ill, whom could not get needed help.
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