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“People within the gun culture are very excited about these new gun owners and are hoping to bring these people into the fold politically,” said David Yamane, a sociologist at Wake Forest University, “but I think that’s going to be more easily said than done.”

Yamane, himself a gun owner, has written extensively about how American gun culture has evolved to center on personal defense rather than the recreational use of firearms. One feature of what Yamane calls ”gun culture 2.0” is its inclusion of women, non-whites, progressives, and LGBTQ people. Yamane said he believes that an acceleration of the interest in guns within these “marginal groups” has helped drive the surge, which is in keeping with what gun rights and firearms industry groups like the National Shooting Sports Foundation have been claiming.

Yamane cautioned that acquiring a gun does not guarantee a shift in attitude toward firearms regulation and that Americans are too politically entrenched for the high sales alone to swing the debate or bring about a further loosening of laws. “A huge influx of new gun owners is not going to change the political dynamics of California, for instance, or Oklahoma,” Yamane said.



First and foremost, a gun is a tool.

To a 2nd amendment activist, it may be a symbol of freedom in the hands of the people, and we do have a tendency to think that others will feel the same way when they have a gun in their possession too. Not so.

To a scared rich, white, liberal in the suburbs, a gun was a political icon, a symbol of danger and a lack of control. Now that they're scared and realize that the police won't protect them and they alone are responsible for the protection of their household, a gun becomes a tool, merely the most effective tool for the job at hand. It's still not a symbol of freedom for them, and it seems unlikely that their perspective on YOU having one will change much.

To a criminal, a gun is just a tool, the most effective one for the job. They certainly don't want you to have one.

To an antifa activist or rioter, a gun is just a tool, and one we all hope they refrain from using. Revolutionaries around the world have always acquired and used guns. They are the most useful tool for the job, but they certainly don't want YOU to have one either. They don't even want their own people to have them once their work is done, in fear that they'll revolt against them.

Ultimately, authority comes from force, and ultimately the tool is a gun. I've said it before- is there anyone else in the world, besides 2A people, who, as part of their ideology, want their opponents to have the right to arm themselves?

Heck, if a BLM or antifa activist buys a gun to defend themselves and their family from crime, chaos, and those who would harm them, well I'd support that for them too. What I can't support are those arming up to cause chaos and civil unrest, right or left.

Mark W.

Well since there is no logical reason to believe a new firearm owner is less likely to vote pro gun. And the idea no new gun owner will vote pro gun is equally hard to image. Then yes all these new gun owners will increase the number of people voting pro gun it just might not be equal to there number.
Pro-2A advocates need to convince non-Republican candidates (i.e., Democrats) to support gun rights, because the demographics are not good, there just aren't too many single issue voters out there and they tend to cluster around the same set of ideological issues (2A, Roe v. Wade, etc.) and, frankly, a Republican party that's become purely a cult of personality, isn't going to draw folks in.
Gun control = people control.

Gun control IS a civil rights - civil liberty issue.

The Second Amendment should be the END of it (The ONLY gun law of the land.) unless you are too crazy/violent or too criminal/violent to be out as a nut job or as a criminal. YOU need to be put away for public safety reasons.

Plus the death penalty should be a law of the land in ALL STATES if you are proven to be a murderer with full evidence, given a fair trial and found GUILTY.

GUN folks need to talk about HISTORY and what MANY governments did when they took the guns away from their citizens.

When OLD FASHIONED conservatives (NOT what has happened to the R party - ugh.), small l and Large L Libertarians, Constitutionalists and OLD fashioned classical 'liberals' TALK to New Gun Folks - they need to stress the SECOND AMENDMENT and self defense issues when it comes to foreign and domestic enemies.

The CULT LEADERS that so many Ds and Rs worship and think can do no wrong that we have running are NOT friends to the RKBA issue.

The DEMOCRATS are telling YOU what they want to do even in states like mine (MT) not just with BIDEN on a FEDERAL LEVEL.

The Republicans will LIE to you too. Ugh. Plus MANY Rs even in my state (MT) praised Trump when it came to red flag laws, bump stock crapola and tons more. Fact not fiction. I had telephone calls and OLD letters about these issues from BOTH parties and not just in my former state. We had this with R leaders and a R governor, long gone now, R leaders, the FOP head kahuna and the state patrol. Fact not fiction. LONG history there. SOLID R area and county - former state! ONE of the last remaining TOP 7 ANTI CCW states years ago. They did have open carry though. IT took a D governor and a LONG fight to change this. I fought for it as an old fashioned, fiscal conservative R (Republican ALMOST my entire life.) and Libertarian (Libertarian for a couple of years.) too. SOLID old school R county and so forth. ALL of that changed long after my late husband died - it was HIS home state not mine. It changed after I moved away too. That was NOT the reason why I moved - I did NOT move for gun rights. Added more.

In fact, the RED FLAG LAWS that Trump praised and spoke about taking away the guns FIRST where he was talking with ALL OF THOSE Rs and Ds at the White House table where DIANE F. (And others!) was just about orgasmic about NEW GUN LAWS led to MANY RED FLAG LAWS that were PUSHED and PRAISED by MANY R and D governors and tons more in states ACROSS THIS NATION! FACT NOT FICTION!

And it was NOT just more gun - RED flag laws that they pushed through too!

They PUSHED THROUGH many more and NEW GUN LAWS in R states not only in D states.

ADD in the incompetent and ever changing story about the LV shooting/murders/wounded.

ADD in the bump stock laws. I don't care about them, never wanted them but if they do it for ONE THING - they can do it for many other THINGS GUN RELATED from a to z!

Therefore - I believe that President Trump was wrong, the ATF changed this and add in the fact that NO one got compensated for something that they PAID FOR but was taken away aka stolen.

I never wanted one, I would not give one cent for one and I think that they are stupid things but what I THINK does not make it 'law' if someone else wanted one or owned one in the past.




I do not think that we need those open or concealed laws since I believe that the SECOND SHOULD RULE but IF we have them - where are they NOW ON THE NATIONWIDE LEVEL?!

Cate who was not for HC or Trump. I am not for Biden or Trump now.

Typo: of as in end of it
Last Edited:
Well, Pee-Pad Joe will not be president more than a few weeks IF he wins; would you be OK with Knee-Pad Ho? :D

As President Reagan said, "Well, there you go again." May he and Nancy rest in peace.

I have had some discussions with YOU in the past about this if my memory is correct. Grin.

NO, I hope that they LOSE. I hope that they put old Joe under care or IN JAIL (Grin.) for his senility and lies/theft/lobbying and that KH goes back to ruin CA some more.

I hope and pray that all of those sons of guns lose and we get someone who is not a LIAR, a neo con job artist, a R or D PNAC SUPPORTER, and CULT LEADER to many so called Rs (LOL) and to those Q follower nut jobs.

I guess than BANNON and others who wanted to BURN IT ALL DOWN in so many ways got their wishes in more ways than one.

What do you want to do again? Get this THREAD MOVED with your 'questions' just like YOU have done in the past because someone does NOT agree with the Trump agenda which is in NO way a TRUE RKBA - pro gun agenda?

That is exactly what people like you do over and over again and NO offense if the truth hurts. I hope that the MODS do not move this too.

Catherine aka Cate which is my real name. What is your real name? LOL

Montana - USA
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