Illegal dumping

There are some groups, some of them here, who travel around cleaning up after these morons. God bless them for the work they do. Sadly the people who make messes like this are too often shooters. Who after they screw it up for the rest are the first to scream and yell when a place is made off limits :mad::mad:
I would be all in on the courts making it VERY painful to the ones caught doing this stuff.
Went to go shooting this morning at a spot I like near central point, down kane creek road. To my disappointment it's been trashed, and this is just a small portion of what's out there. I'd like to organize a time to have a group come clean it up and make it enjoyable again.
Message me if your interested and we can workout the details.

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I would be interested in helping you, might have a friend to come help as well. PM me for contact info.


This is what happens when the Garbage services have priced their service out of the reach of the poor folks who instead of paying, haul it off and dump it in the woods!
I’ve witnessed this so much in my time alive. Growing up in Reno, a poorer section of the town (Sun Valley) which is basically a giant trailer park, bordered BLM land. You would find all sorts of trash out there because people refused to pay what it cost to take that stuff to the refuge center.

I’ve learned Oregon has the same issues. The cost to properly recycle or trash a tire is absurd. So low and behold, the forest is filled with them. I recall one ride along trip with Oregon department of forestry, inventorying shooting sites, we stopped to eat lunch and I went to the bathroom on the edge of a road overlooking a heavily vegetated area that dropped 10-15 feet from the road, to see a bunch of tires. They ended up pulling close to 400 tires from that area. They figured an automotive shop was driving out to that spot for years, just dropping them over the side of the road, and since the area was so heavily grown in with bushes and trees no one would have ever noticed had I not stopped to take a leak!


This is what happens when the Garbage services have priced their service out of the reach of the poor folks who instead of paying, haul it off and dump it in the woods!
it was $12 for the garbage company to haul off my old mattress the other day. one time my lid was sticking up on my recycle bin and they charged me extra. i said well what about the other 100s of times my bin has been only half full? do i get 1/2 off?

much to my dismay, the answer was no...:rolleyes:

Your doing it right @Beargoo666 . Call it in to who provides law enforcement for the land it is on. Get it documented. Get some friends to help and get it picked up. With the pile you have there I would check very closely for stuff that would make you sick. If there are hazardous materials, let BLM or whoever owns the property know. They have teams/contacts with people to dispose of stuff like that.
Unfortunately with how acceptable being an illegal dumper is these days I think it is only going to increase for a while. Homelessness is one major cause. @Ura-Ki said above people cant afford to dump properly anymore plus you have the people hit by the Alamedo fire trying to restart their lives. No excuse but it does seem that government works against you to get going again. Some on this site are dealing with that also right now. Ok- enough rant.
My ranch in Co. is Completely off the beaten path, and it's a dead end road, there is literally Zero reason for anyone to come up there, hell, the turn off/parking area off the main road is clearly marked as PRIVATE property, No Trespassing, and yet, I came home one time to find at least three pickup loads of peoples household garbage, were talking the nasty kitchen stuff and baby diapers and all that, and to top it all off, there were a couple of deer carcasses and gut piles left at the dump site! Now, As bad as all that was, what's much worse is the Damn Grizzly bear who lives near by thought he hit the damn lottery and proceeded to scatter all of this all over the place while he gorged hisself on the tastier bits, and the damn Wolves came in and finished pickin it clean, only to find a dead Wolf a quarter mile away, his stomach plugged with plastic from the bags they hauled all this stuff in! For quite some time after, we had daily visits from our friendly neighborhood Grizzly, and that's seriously too close! I get it, times are tough, and folks shouldn't have to pay a whole weeks salary of Minimum wage working two jobs to have garbage service from the ONE nationally owned company ( Waste Management) with no competition, but DAMN! Took me three days of pretty serious cat work to scrape it all into a reasonable pile and then I HAD TO PAY to have it all hauled off! It happened a couple more times, but not as bad! Sheriff had a pretty good idea who it was, a young family seriously struggling to get by, but DAMMIT, burn off or bury it, don't haul it up to the forest and dump it off the side of a road, especially on someone else's property!
Point is, why is garbage so god damn expensive to haul off, and don't try and 'splain recycling, as that's one of the biggest scams ever, more so since the woke decided that Global warming was such a serious deal! And the Dump charging $30+ for a COVERED pickup load, and super charging if it's construction/remodeling stuff, has tile or cement in it, or "Non Recyclables" what ever those are, and howdaphuck can they even tell? Seriously, there is something very wrong charging what these places charge!
One other thing I found and it is much more difficult in time of Covid is that the FS and BLM will allow you to dump at their facilities if you talk with them ahead of time. For my Neal Creek pick ups I had to drive an extra 20 miles the other way to dump but when I was pulling 450 to 1000 pounds a crap a month out of there they even brought in an extra dumpster for me. It was free, a beautiful drive and gave the wife and I time together to go get lunch. Sort of like a wierd working date night but it was during the day.
It cost me $48 to have the wife "dispose" of two mattresses at the local recycling station. Next time I'm taking them to a Portland homeless camp. They will blend right in with the rest of the garbage... Anything to do with Metro costs the responsible person lots of money, but they excuse the homeless trash piles.
1) "The cost to properly recycle or trash a tire is absurd."
There is a spot down the road that is a magnet for all kinds of midden fodder - from urine soaked mattresses to a burned out trailer, a boat, an RV (seriously) and just about everything else you would see in the aftermath of a Bums & Junkies Ranch.

2) One of the local semi-domesticated deer broke her neck trying to get under the fence to the neighbor's pasture, right in the middle of the day. Like in all of a sudden there was a dead doe stuck right there. We called TPTB and they told us to pay for having it hauled off for rendering. :eek: I don't think so. Come dark there appeared a road killed deer by the stop sign at the entry into the cul-de-sac and it was gone by dawn.
I can tell you that it's difficult for 2 old people to get that much carrion into a wheelbarrow.


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