Trashed may refer to:
Trashed (album), an album by the punk rock group Lagwagon
"Trashed" (Black Sabbath song), 1983
"Trashed" (Skin song), 2003
Trashed (game show), an American television series
Trashed (film), a 2012 film

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  1. Beargoo666

    Illegal dumping

    Went to go shooting this morning at a spot I like near central point, down kane creek road. To my disappointment it's been trashed, and this is just a small portion of what's out there. I'd like to organize a time to have a group come clean it up and make it enjoyable again. Message me if your...
  2. PNWguy

    Trashed house next door hit the market...

    Posted a thread a while ago about my neighbors who were renting the house next door and how they absolutely trashed it. Well, it's been a couple of months and the yard has been cleaned up and the inside was cleaned and re-painted. House was put on the market yesterday at $179k, which is about...
  3. Koda

    Salmonberry trashed again, Pt2...

    Drove past the shooting locations on Salmonberry road today and they have lots of trash, again. Here are my observations... In order of appearance from Hwy 26.... location #1: Location #2: Next up is a location I noticed in the past but this time I stopped for a closer look. Its located...
  4. Shishk

    Shooting off Wagner Rd near Lyons

    Went out shooting today up off Wagner rd. It's pretty trashed. tons of garbage, plastic, glass and shells everywhere. I didn't have any bigger bags or I would have loaded more, and can only dump 1 at a time where I live.(They don't want us dumping outside trash in our dumpster). I tried to take...
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