How far are you willing to travel for supplies?

Got to thinking about this over the weekend. How far would most "prepared" people be willing to travel either on foot or by vehicle to gather supplies?

Food, Medical supplies, Ammo, etc....

Seeing people travel hundreds of miles right now to "look" for ammo makes me think that many would travel outside of their comfort zone for food and consumables as well.

Just a thought!

The Heretic

It depends a LOT on the situation.

If I can get fuel along the route, the route is safe, I am low on food, then as far as necessary.

I don't anticipate that happening as the most likely sources in a shortage will be roughly as close as they are now (40-60 miles round trip). Also, I would use up most of the food I already have first - I have put some staples and shelf stable food aside so that if SHTF I will have some. Of course, if I am able, and it is safe to do so, I would try to resupply in order to stretch out how long it will last.

I live outside of the Portland general area, and I don't think going to a more rural area would result in more availability - just the opposite. While dense population areas like the Portland metro area would probably have shortages, so would surrounding areas as Portland would be where food would come into. Going to a local farm might get me some food, but in a SHTF situation my bet would be that local farms would sell to the highest bidder, and that would be metro areas.

For ammo - same conditions, but I don't anticipate running out of ammo in those conditions. If I run low on ammo then it is SHTF, fuel won't be available, ammo will be very expensive, the route won't be safe.

Right now, if the ammo deal is good (price and quantity), then 100 miles round trip is max unless the deal is really really good (mass quantities - as in thousands of rounds - at pre-pandemic prices). So far the longest round trip I have done is about 60 miles, and that was for three separate buys on the same day, all within about 20 miles of each other.


It depends. How badly do I need them? What is the expenditure of resources to get them? What is the means of travel? Are we talking the world as it is now, as it was last year, or is it an SHTF situation? There are a variety of variables that would help make the determination.


Met a gentlemen today in a gun store who had driven over 1000 miles to buy ammo/reloading supplies. He described himself as the runner. A group of people trusted him with a list and Thousands of dollars to seek and find stuff that they need.

Great idea.
And.....I'm guessing that you were in Las Vegas?

Aloha, Mark


It's all about one's ability to ascertain risk.... and one's courage to face those risks at certain levels. Do anything for your children... or help total strangers. Huge chasim between abject needs too.


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