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The Hearing Protection Act of 2015, while having support from a number of members of congress, had no real chance of becoming law as BHO would have vetoed it if it ever got to his desk.

However, there is a new president being sworn in come January and the GOP has majorities in the Senate and the House. Donald Trump, Jr., son of the President-elect and member of the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee, also had a positive discussion with the CEO of SilencerCo before the election.

I thought I'd toss it out there for discussion. Thoughts?
I too don't think it has a great chance, but I sure am hopeful that soon we can cash and carry cans.
wishful thinking...but I will gladly take the $600 tax credit since my paperwork went in last xmas :D
Time to take all those oil filters back to Autozone and O'Riellys..... Wonder if they care that they are painted flat back??? They are in the original boxes. :p
So with Trump in office and republicans holding majorities in both houses what do y'all think is the possibility of the Hearing Protection Act actually getting made into law?
From what I have seen so far there's a good chance this will happen. I sure hope so imagine being able to buy a silencer like any other firearm. This also means a refund for those who have had stamps paid for from October 2015. Sorry I can't remember the exact date.
It would be darned nice if it happened, however he & his administration have a whole bunch on there plate that needs to get done or worked on.

Concessions will be made, because, well it's politics. Even from an outsider.

Folks (the media) are allready chomping at the bit for when he bubble-gums up. And he will bubble-gum up, he's human.

The trick will be to not focus solely on whatever bubblegum the media focuses on, and to look at the big picture of what needs to get done...and get it done!

-anyways, I personally do not see suppressors as part of the initial administration push for change in regulations. It would be OUTSTANDING, however if a change got pulled thru along with some other change...

We'd be among the first in line down at whichever shop had inventory to get some before Kate Brown throws the hammer down on having one.
I don't currently have a suppressor but would love to get one next year. If this were to happen it would be great, but I'm not holding my breath. :rolleyes:

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