Guns Across America (Washington State Rally)

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    Guns across America Washington state

    Olympia Capitol Building at Travoli Fountain noon on Saturday Jan 19th
    Its coming together folks!!!

    RALLY at Tivoil Fountian on the Washington capital campus high noon Saturday Jan. 19th 2013 One week away! There will speakers on 2nd amendment issues including Dave Workman from the Second Amendment Foundation, noted gun writer, author, gun rights examiner columnist along with music, opening with Kerry Hooks and the National anthem.

    Included will be a short tribute to our veterans and active duty armed forces. Jim Beal and Bill Starks from Washington Open carry, organizers of the last two successful capital rallys and other 2A events have agreed to ramrod the program.(face book photos of our 2011 event
    Jim Beal's Photos | Facebook).

    We ask that you make your own signs and one extra! Signs need to be clean and fact based and please double check your facts! Everyone please share this event with all you know as we are already expecting a great turnout.

    Free sodas, water, coffee will be provided at various points around the park. The will be balloons and activities for the kids ,so bring the whole family.

    If you would like to speak at the event or need more info please contact Jim Beal @ 702-three four eight -3194
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    I appreciate those involved putting this together. My wife and I plan on attending.

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