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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Sandman86, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Im at the point I wanna get my first AR. Ive poked around and learned a bit, but with AR's it seems like there is quite a bit to learn.

    My main question is, the Del-Ton seem like they have great Customer Service records from what ive read, but seems to be a cheaper price, im not sure if this is because of quality? Should i spend the extra few hundred for a name such as Bushmaster etc etc, will it be worth it? What should I stay away from? This will be my learner AR gun, and dont wanna look back in a month and be like "why didnt I do this"...

    Appreciate it!
  2. Grizzly_A

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    DTI is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but plenty of guys seem to have them and they work and are pleased with how they shoot and are constructed.
    If it matters, I am waiting until DTI gets it's backorders cleared and then I'll be ordering another upper.

    Since all of the reputable brands (DTI included) are all based off of mil spec, there will be small variances between brands but they should all be interchangeable. If they all go bang, do you like Brand X or Brand Y better?

    Resale value favors big brands, but if you're not as concerned with that save some $$ for ammo.

    I've got a Doublestar, DPMS, and soon a DTI. My brother has a Bushmaster. Go figure.
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    I have a del ton. I haven't used it alot yet but have put around a hundred rounds through it and everything seems to be quality. I opted for the cheaper gun becase DTI has had plenty of good reviews and I used the extra 300 I saved to buy an optic and some ammo
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    Here's a comparison chart that looks at the various makers' proofing, materials, build, parts sizes, and finishes.
    Done nicely by Rob S. at Tactical Yellowvisor.

    Use the tabs at the bottom to look at Features/Specs/Comparisons.
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    I think you should shop around and gets some hands on experience. Look at their finishes and fitment personally. My first 3 AR15's were Colts. My current one is one I assembled using an Eagle Arms reciever mated to a duracoated M16A1 upper. Its all in what works for you. Enjoy your decision, they are great guns.:)

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