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National British tourist complains about Yellowstone open carry on Twitter, gets destroyed by comments

A British tourist visiting Yellowstone noticed an American open carrying and posted the following on Twitter:

(click picture for enlarged view)
Screenshot_2019-07-27 (1) kevinhughes348.png

"Bellend" is British slang for the head of the male organ.

Kevin Hughes' Flickr account states he is a retired police officer, but apparently he doesn't know the difference between a pistol and a revolver (unfortunately neither do some American gun owners, but I digress).

Hughes' tweet ignited a firestorm of critical comments from Americans. If you are not familiar with Twitter, one thing you want to avoid is having a lot more comments than likes, since it is likely when there is a high ratio of comments to likes most of the comments are critical. The higher the "ratio" of comments to likes, the more likely it was a bad tweet.

Screenshot_2019-07-23 kevinhughes348 - Twitter Search Twitter.png

Screenshot_2019-07-23 vbspurs on Twitter kevinhughes348.png

Hughes' tweet was mocked by the NRA.

Screenshot_2019-07-23 NRA on Twitter When anti-gunners tweet.png

Hughes was so mortified by the response to his tweet he deleted not just the tweet but also his entire Twitter account, so you can't see all 16,000+ comments, but some are available
here Tourist shares shocking photo of an armed man minding his own business at Yellowstone
and here https://twitter.com/search?q=kevinhughes348&src=recent_search_click
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Perhaps Kevin Hughes should have gone to the Oregon, Seattle or San Diego zoo instead for his entertainment. Traipsing around a national park, where there are wild animals, and he’s surprised about someone exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights...

Makes me so thankful for those guys 243 years ago, who truly understood what it takes to live in a free society and exercising that freedom and liberty... Seems he should go back to his repressed homeland and deal with crime the best way he can manage... Unarmed...
In my travels abroad, I have always sought to be courteous to the peoples I was visiting, with respect to their culture and way of life. It isn't asking much to ask for the same from those who are visiting here. Mr. Hughes, yes, Americans carry firearms; particularly in areas where there are very large, mean animals that would most assuredly enjoy you for a snack. :s0165:



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