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As a retired LEO I just want to scream when I see things like this. What they were doing is conspiring to make a false arrest. They should be fired and charged with the appropriate (likely) felony. It is one thing to discuss what the violation is or if there is one. If he was in traffic lanes waving a sign, then it is possible there was a crime (likely infraction). But to conspire to make up what an "anonymous citizens" said, which apparently they didn't, is just horrible.

Don't even get me started on the camera thing. I would never tolerate working with anyone like this. If you have a crime, you have a crime. Even if the "suspect" was uncooperative and a maybe a jerk...not a crime. You can't work in modern law enforcement and not expect to always be recorded. If you can't handle this, find another line of work.
They (troopers) will be able to hide behind the big Union.



Do we spot a pattern here? Asking for a friend.

In case you were curious:

Cops exonerated by internal affairs. Good ol' Blue Wall.

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