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I'd want careful, controlled, well placed fire in a HD event. I think a binary trigger would not be helpful. I don't trust drum mags, I'd rather roll the dice on being able to execute a coherent mag change... I mean, how much bad company are you expecting?


You better make sure you have the right optic, wouldn't want to miss one of those rounds and hit a neighbor...

may I suggest something that covers all situations, it's very tactical



I would recommend against it. IF you actually every had to use it, depending on the stance of the DA, they could potentially use the fact that you had a binary trigger (kinda of a grey space in Oregon on if it is considered a machine gun or not. Many online stores won't ship them here) it could be construed as "overkill" sans used against you. Like if you had used a handgun with "I kill trespassers", they could use it as an attack claiming you were itching to shoot someone. For something home-defense, I'd use the "what do the police use" as a benchmark for legal protection.
Query smells like a set-up to induce a majority opinion on here of:

"Yeah, 60 rd mags and binary triggers are overkill for self-defense" Hence, "Is there really a need for civilians to own them?"

Akin to the "Who needs SA rifles or 30 rd mags for self-defense?" line of thinking.

I say hogwash. A belt-fed M240 might not be the most practical for home defense, but if it's all one has...
I've been thinking of of using my magpul D60 for home defense against large job of rioters and looters too, adding the binary trigger would be sweet. :)
No... get ahold of @Cerberus Group and
for less than the cost of the trigger get some training, buy some ammo and practice..
Fast mag changes and shot placement>spray and pray:s0155:


In these times of quasi “normalcy”, legality wise, for the OP. Nope. Not a great idea to be using what is posited defensively.

Own whatever you want, because you want it. Use the best tool(s) available for a problem. The tool posited for the problem is not the best. Simply because the OP is asking.

If the OP had the skill set, there wouldn’t be the question posited of wether HE should. HE would already know his skills, and wouldn’t NEED to ask opinions. So based on such. NOPE. HUGE NOPE.

Wether someone else has the skills & could, should, or would use suchly as a home defensive arm has no relevance as towards wether (or not) the OP should.
I'm not much of a fan of 60 round drums. I don't like the added weight or the way they change the balance of the rifle. They also seem like overkill to me for home defense.

As for a binary trigger, I would NOT want to have to defend myself in court over the use of a binary trigger.


As others said above, I personally don’t trust drums for reliability when ur life depends on it.

As for the binary, it depends on a lot of factors. For example (and I’m sure I missed many factors):

1) have u trained with it to become proficient and are u intimately aware with how fast you can go though ammo?
2) In your training do u use 2 shot bursts? If so then it may be attractive. They excel at 2 round bursts. 2 shots sound like a single shot on mine.
3) in training have you ever had a malfunction due to the trigger outrunning the bolt (most common Malfunction with them) or other malfunction? If so, I would not rely on it for my life.
4) Are you disciplined enough in a stressful situation to avoid spraying and praying and can therefore minimize potential collateral damage to those you don’t intend to hit? (refer to 2 shot burst comment above).

Imo reliability of whatever gun u are using and training to use it proficiently while your mind and body are confident and calm In a very stressful and Adrenalin-filled situation is one of the most important factors (assuming all the usual stuff like you can access the gun and put into action quickly etc). Fight or flight (or freeze) response can have very significant negative effects on us. Imo binary could potentially make that worse unless it’s proven to be essentially 100% reliable in ur gun, and u are proficient with it, and u don’t use it such as spray and pray (which is often how we respond due to our default flight and fight response).
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Aside from drum mags the russkies made for the rpk, and drums from before, drum mags don't have a reputation of reliability.

And binary? Too expensive to risk being put into an evidence locker while they try to determine if you were justified or not (cause that's where our justice system is).

Wombat of Doom

I would skip the binary. I do trust the magpul drums . They just flat work.I trust the ak drums I have. I also would trust an X products drum. That is my list of drums I would trust.
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