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Anyone intrigued about the Taurus TX22?

I've heard nothing but good.

Apparently this is one arena in which Taurus beats Glock.
Head on over to Taurus Armed. A lot of complaints from Taurus owners.

I won't buy a Taurus and I won't recommend them either (*except old high quality SW or Beretta clones and only upon careful inspection and only for lunch money prices).


Head on over to Taurus Armed. A lot of complaints from Taurus owners.

I won't buy a Taurus and I won't recommend them either (*except old high quality SW or Beretta clones and only upon careful inspection and only for lunch money prices).
I think I'll pass.
Instead of jumping into an echo chamber, I'll base my opinion off of folks I know personally that own and shoot them.
I will say that internet or otherwise, I have not heard of a single one failing in the way the Glock 44 has.


I have one and like it a lot. I have a couple small complaints but for a $250 22lr it's a great little gun. Very happy with the purchase.


I've got one, and it's by far been the most reliable .22 pistol I've ever had, more reliable than most .22 rifles I've had. I've got at least a few thousand rounds through it, haven't found anything that it won't feed.

One thing about it that I didn't know if I'd like, it uses a clamshell housing for the striker. Turns out, that's awesome. Pop it in two pieces, and you can scrub the heck out of the striker channel with a tooth brush. As much as I run ammo through my .22s, that made me love it even more.

Ejection is so consistent that you could practically set a dixie cup in the right spot and catch all the brass. I love mine, I caught it at a deep discount, but I wouldn't be disappointed even if I'd paid full price. Great groups at 10 yards, easy to smack the plates at 25


Get off your soap boxes. You've all purchased cheap guns and you know it.

This is a GREAT gun. Other than the rifling looking like termites milled them in the dark. If you took one apart, you'd be surprised just how close to a centerfire it's like and I'm sure pleasantly surprised at its reliability and accuracy, too. I really can't say enough good about my TX-22, just a good gun at an affordable price


Still loving mine! I've put about 1800 rounds through it. Mostly Federal Bulk pack. Maybe 100 of CCI. Not a single hiccup. Have not cleaned it yet. Thought I would give it a run to see how she does. Will clean it soon. :) Definitely really enjoying it!!


Little addition to my praise earlier, the thing weighs just this side of nothing. If you've got real young shooters that you're training, it comes in handy. The bull barrel steel frame Ruger got tiring for my little nephew fairly quickly


ARPC Speed Steel
ARPC (Albany Rifle & Pistol Club)
29999 Saddle Butte Rd, Shedd, OR 97377, USA
Wes Knodel Gun Show
Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center
3800 SE Airport Way, Redmond, OR 97756, USA
NRA Pistol marksmanship Simulator Training
Defensive Arts Center
4620 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy C2, Portland, OR 97221, USA
.22 Rimfire Challenge
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA
Cerberus Training Group - Bill Blowers - Tap-Rack Tactical Tac - Pistol
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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