And you thought you're gunsmithing was bad...

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by boxer13, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Absolutely no idea how I missed this hub-bub a couple months back but I stayed up till 4 last night just watching all the videos and reading all the reports about the horrible and dreadful experience one Florida man had dealing with one of the most unstable, incapable, scumbag of a gunsmith as this:

    The video that started it all: Hex Mosin Nagant M91/30 Pt3 - YouTube

    But wait it gets worse: BlackWolf Custom Glock Shop Completly Ruined My Mosin Nagant - YouTube

    And others get involved: BlackWolf Custom Glock Shop - YouTube

    BlackDevil Firearms & Refinishing is a Thief? - YouTube

    Louie From BlackWolf Gets Interviewed - YouTube

    And then Mr. Louis Rosenburg aka BlackWolf Custom Glock Shop responds:

    BlackWolf Custom Glock Shop Is a Theif Reveiw - YouTube

    And then proceeds to lose his damn mind: Louie Goes Bat-Crap Crazy With Subtitles - YouTube!

    I feel so sorry for the guy who got hosed by this assclown and scared that this kind of individual not only works with guns but just has then in the first place. It appears it's only a matter of time before he snaps and shoots someone.

    Even more vids and hilarity can be found here: Black Wolf Custom Gock Shop a Thief?

    Ripoff Report | Louis | Complaint Review: 902040 (just search for him there and you won't be disappointed, actually no you will be).

    TL;DW version: Guy asks "gunsmither" for sporterized Mosin that is polished and to remove rear sight leaf to use dovetail as scope mount. Takes AR-15 as consignment trade for $350 for work and $350 is supposed to be given back to Guy.

    Mosin rear sight is completely hacked off with saw and a metal plate is welded on to barrel and then the entire thing is duro-coated glossy black and unsafe to fire as there is a hole in the barrel from where he wielded (to cover it up). Instead of making things right he keeps AR-15 hands back POS Mosin to Guy and moves on.

    Just go watch the videos and pray to the gun gods that this jackass' business endeavors will be short-lived.
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    Wow looks like he stick welded that thing...

    And the Dura coat looks as if it was Krylon..
  3. MrNiceGuy

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    This is what happens when two dipbubblegums do business together.

    I wouldn't let that guy look at my gun let alone work on it.
    Having said that, the "customer" seems equally idiotic and short fused.

    I dont believe a word out of either of their mouths.
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    Could not agree more.
  5. Norm0931

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    lol, "I got it documentated!" Dude this guy threatening that he is going to rip off his door and send him to prison is priceless. I wonder if this is kinda like an episode of Jersey Shore. A bunch of idiots trying really hard to accomplish nothing.
  6. Cuthbert Allgood

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    that is comedy gold! :laugh: he should have taken his mosin nagant to red jacket firearms. :laugh:
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    I wonder if the firearm owner is legal to own firearms due to his mental/psychological disability? Besides that it is obvious the "gunsmith/conman" does shoddy work and has very little knowledge of firearms.
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    if Louie is such a badass and ready to defend himself, why does he need to go crying to the sheriff like a scared little rabbit? people like him AND ALL cop callers are weak and turn tail at first whiff of a dangerous situation

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