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Eyre/National Shooting Sports Association/NRA:

Azzopardi/Sportsman's Warehouse:

Fitz/Second Ammendment Foundation/Firearms Policy Coalition:


Also it looks to me like this page has instructions on how to get transcripts of the Dec. 1 oral arguments. Not sure if anyone can get the transcripts or if you have to be part of the case?

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PACER is Public Access to Court Records.

10 cents per page, which is utter nonsense for electronic documents.

RECAP is a website/service where, once someone has bought a doc from Pacer, he can share it for free.

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The RECAP Archive is a searchable collection of millions of PACER documents and dockets that were gathered using our RECAP Extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. PACER is the government-run system where nearly every legal document is filed from federal cases. The archive also includes every free PACER opinion. This unique archive was created to partially address what we see as the PACER Problem.

Using this archive, you can finally search and download millions of PACER documents, including those that were originally scanned PDFs, which we laboriously convert to text.

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