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Molot-Prikamye Perm (Russian: Молот-Прикамье Пермь) are a professional ice hockey team based in Perm, Perm Krai, Russia. They are currently playing in the Central Division of the Supreme Hockey League.

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  1. WowReactsOnly

    My molot vepr 7.62x39

    This is probably one of my favorite guns a straight cadillac of an Ak design. I run 30 round sgm mags with last round hold open and they have been fantastic comes with the 5 and 10 round mag from the factory. Also a hilarious poorly translated instructional manual.
  2. LuckySG

    Molot VEPRs last chance to order is NOW - 12 Gauge Model Remaining

    SOLD OUT *** I just got word there’s no more of these rifles being imported following sanctions from June 2017. If this is something you have ever thought about picking up new, your time to do so is coming to a close in a big hurry! These will be sold out by morning with the East Coast shops...
  3. Siglvr

    The fantastic Molot Vepr 12, going ...going.....

    FIME Group says Molot Vepr 12 model shotgun supplies dwindling Almost all gone now. Story was from September. "The supply of Molot Vepr 12 model shotguns is decreasing, with only 400 Vepr 12-02 models available for purchase, distributor FIME Group says. The semi-auto shotgun is imported...
  4. M

    National  Vepr long guns banned.

    BREAKING: US Banned VEPR Due To Sanctions? Looks Like It! - The Firearm Blog
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