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A scout is a soldier performing reconnaissance and other support duties.
Scout may also refer to:

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    WTS OTHER  NEW Springfield M1A Scout Squad (w/accessories)

    Hey all! I recently bought a brand new Springfield M1A Scout Squad (Black) and have decided to put my money elsewhere into a Sako Black Bear. The rifle is brand new. I have never fired it, never removed the grease from the receiver and never even loaded a magazine. Included with the rifle...
  2. Haftard

    Savage 11 scout 308

    Well i picked up a savage scout in 308 from another member here. I was worryed about it having the mag seating issue i have herd about, but after a few trys i concluded that the issue was only operator error. The mag fells like the 10th round is going to make it shadder.Feeding the first round...
  3. jghuwe

    WTS WA  Vortex Crossfire II 2-7 Scout

    New in box $120 cash ftf or $130 shipped
  4. Jonathan

    WTS OR  Ruger Scout Rifle 308

  5. Seattle206

    WTS WA  Gear Sector SureFire Scout Mount (Darth Earth)

    Selling a Gear Sector SureFure Scout Mount in Darth Earth. Pretty much still new as I only test mounted an M300c on it but never fired with. No scratches or dings. Don't have the original box but will come with the included allen keys. $55 shipped CONUS via discrete PP. Link to the product...
  6. K

    WTS WA  M1A Scout Squad

    m1_0 by kjav posted Apr 30, 2018 at 3:51 PMHello everyone. I'm letting go of my M1A Scout Squad. I love this rifle just don't have time to get out and shoot it much. PRICE REDUCED. Here is the link to the main page at Springfield of the same rifle: Scout Squad | M1A™ Rifle for Sale | Semi...
  7. 41mag

    WTB OR  30 mm Ruger Scout Rings

    New or used/not abused; must be the 'standard set' of different heights for the receiver offset; prefer 'matte'; The OEM stock rings seem to be of the ONE-INCH variety, which won't fit the scope on hand. PM me with details if you are trying to clean out your little 'spare junque drawer'.......