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  1. C

    Unfired gen5 g19

    Hello I have a unfired gen 5 g19 for sale or trade it has night sights, stippled grips and undercut trigger guard comes with all factory goodies. $500 cash or what do you have to trade not sure what I’d trade for but I do want a AR in 300 blackout can add cash for the right trade.I bought a g19X...
  2. lkwan78

    Zenith Z-5P Z5P Unfired Safe Queen! $2300

    Zenith has imported very few of these Z-5P in the past year. But I was lucky enough to snag one recently. I've been working way too much, and i don't have any time to shoot it. I never intended for this to be a Safe queen, so I rather just sell it and pay off the CC i bought it with. PRICE...
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