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  1. papersoldier

    Advice on SKS stripper clips

    I'm always on the hunt for more stripper clips for my SKS rifles and my vz. 58, and finding good ones has always been hit or miss for me, so I thought I'd post this to get opinions on which brand/manufacturer makes the "best" stripper clips. I've tried a few different brands of (new) Chinese...
  2. Aero Denezol

    Greek Enbloc Clips

    I’m almost through a large case of Greek HXP and I’ve kept all the Enbloc clips. The Greek Ammo is accurate, but the Greek Enblocs are less than ideal. They are tight, difficult to load in the magazine, and jam about 50% of the time. Is there anything I can do with these clips to save and reuse...
  3. AshWilliams

    Best SKS stripper clips?

    Hi, I've acquired a Norinco type 56 rifle from a member and I'm looking to buy some stripper clips as this is my first clip-fed rifle. For you SKS owners out there: what's good and what's not? Thanks!
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