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  1. mrblond

    Life expectency of fishing rods?

    I have not fished in many years now and I have several rods, both mine and some my father had. Now most of these rods date from the 70s to the mid 80s. some are fiberglass I believe and others are graphite.. should I just stash these rods and see about replacing them or are they still usable?
  2. shotsfired


    Something I do in my free time Lake Havasu Arizona to the Great Northwest. For the love of HOT RODDER'S BE KOOL.
  3. Joe Link

    Lets talk gun cleaning! How do you clean your guns, and why?

    I believe in taking good care of what I have. When it comes to my vehicles I'm a little fanatical with maintenance, with a good grasp on how to do what and when. Even though I've been shooting for a long time, I still don't feel I've achieved this when it comes to firearms. Even worse, the more...
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