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  1. Medic!

    Let's see your Colt Revolvers. Snakes and others.

    Snakes, SAA, MK III's, Police special's, and all the others. ;)
  2. Flymph


    Usually I'm unconcerned with happening upon a rattlesnake, and feel no need to shoot it. However I am curious, would shooting birdshot through my 9mm harm the rifling? Should I just carry something cheaper and not worry about it? Added, how often has anyone had to defend themselves against a...
  3. ikemay

    House Of Snakes, bummer for new owner.

    Ok, if you had your choice ....... would you rather have a garter snake problem or some other pest problem? When I was seven my grandfather asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told him a garter snake. Well, that's what he brought me in a coffee can and I was thrilled. My mom, not so much...
  4. RicInOR

    AZ - To allow shooting of snakes in cities?

    <broken link removed> House Bill 2022,
  5. Joe Link

    Lets talk gun cleaning! How do you clean your guns, and why?

    I believe in taking good care of what I have. When it comes to my vehicles I'm a little fanatical with maintenance, with a good grasp on how to do what and when. Even though I've been shooting for a long time, I still don't feel I've achieved this when it comes to firearms. Even worse, the more...
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