Subsonic may refer to:
Any speed lower than the speed of sound within a sound propagating medium is called subsonic
Subsonic aircraft, a flying machine that flies at air speeds lower than the speed of sound
subsonic flight, an aircraft flight at air speeds lower than the speed of sound in air
Subsonic and transonic wind tunnel
SubSonic (software), an open source object-relational mapper for .NET
Subsonic (media server), an open source media server
Subsonic (EP), an EP by Younha

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  1. osprey

    Using subsonic expanding Maker bullets in supersonic loads for hunting

    Well, as some may know I am prone to experiment a bit to tailor Loads for certain platforms and situations. I do some hunting in firearm restriction areas that require the use of a shotgun, .40 or larger revolver or auto pistols during modern firearm seasons. This got me to build a 10.5” 458...
  2. G

    Stumped Looking For Reloading Data for 9mm Subsonic

    Initial question: Any risk to load "less" powder than recommended lowest published powder load? (Wanting to shoot suppressed at 862-886 fps) Have researched internet, reloading magazines and hard cover books for data on subsonic 9mm. Most everything points towards using 147 gr bullets. My...
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