A patrol is commonly a group of personnel, such as law enforcement officers or military personnel, that are assigned to monitor a specific geographic area.
This is also often referred to as a beat.

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    Overnight patrol setup with lumbar pack

    Using the Gen 1 MOLLE Ruck belt, and my green lumbar pack that I sewn up... I made a decent feeling, relatively comfortable patrol setup. MOLLE/MALICE Pouches used; 2x woodland triple mag pouches from CMVS vest system 2x canteen pouches 2x Tactical Tailor Large Utility pouches 2x Tactical...
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    Rat Patrol with new bomber.

    Hard to believe I still get excited about shooting sage rats. Maybe because nothing else to shoot in late spring/summer. Can't wait for the first target with this new Savage B17 bomber. Hope it shoots like most Savages. Any other new rat guns headed east this month?
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