1. sed

    Oregon  IP44 is Dead...For Now

    Backers Of Oregon Gun Storage Measure Call Off Effort — For Now
  2. Joe Link

    Oregon  NRA and hunting groups appeal gun storage ballot title to Oregon Supreme Court

    NRA and hunting groups appeal gun storage ballot title to Oregon Supreme Court
  3. daiello91

    Oregon  Appeal to IP 44 Filed

    You can read the full appeal here.
  4. tourproto

    Oregon  Oregon IP 44 Language Finalized

    Well, we are definitely getting Rogered on with regard to IP 44. Very little changes made to the original title or summary. Hopefully the NRA or OFF will challenge this to the Oregon SC and get this sucker delayed for another 2 years. Here is the response from the Attorney General's office to...
  5. Oathkeeper1775

    Oregon  IP-44; thoughts

    Of those who cared-enough to read IP-44 and are weighing the options of civil discourse; some may be thinking that the provisions in IP-44 aren't that bad... Perhaps they feel like the effort isn't worth time... After all, being told (forced) to do something that is already being done isn't so...
  6. Ironbar

    Oregon  IP43 and IP44 Education Meeting Tuesday Evening!

    Sorry for posting this up at the last minute, but Kevin Starrett of OFF and Derek LeBlanc, owner of Lethal Lovebirds LLC will be at the Beaverton Masonic Lodge tonight to discuss IP43 and 44. This is a free meeting, but seating is limited so you must sign up on Eventbrite. Here's the link...
  7. mkwerx

    Oregon  Another Anti-gun Petition - Initiative 44

    http://oregonvotes.org/irr/2018/044text.pdf New mandatory storage requirements. All firearms not under direct control must be individually trigger locked or locked in individual containers.
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